Sick peg leg

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  1. Heres my peg leg burnout lol:

    right-click >> save target as...


    or if you want the vid then you can im me at: dstang1302
  2. Dude your videos don't seem to work. Is this your "9-second GSX" or the auto POS on your buddies website?
  3. His gsx runs mid 12s and my car isnt a piece of ****. I would love to see yours.
  4. The files work fine, nomuffler. just right click and save as..

    looks just like my '88 but with a nice paint job ;) nice car.
  5. I was refering to the eclipse on your sight. My car is a piece of ****.

    I must need a codec or somthing. :shrug:
  6. Thank you and the gsx is pretty fast man i wouldnt rag on it.. I have him on tape burning a whole bunch of people he has not lost yet... ill upload them somtime next week if any one wants to see it. Its in the shop right now gettin fixed blown head. But their also fixin that and puttin on his exhaust too. Apexi n1 exhaust 3 inches wide also apex1 3 inch down pipe no cat. So when it gets out.. Itll be pretty loud and pretty nice....
  7. nitrousrush, u say this guy has never lost a race, and he runs 12s.maybe this guy needs to race fast cars! a friend of mine runs a 1st. gen. talon awd. 5spd. with a 20g. turbo,full 3in. with 2 step and runs low 12s in the 1/4. and spent way less then this guy! sorry had to throw this in. im not hate'n
  8. He has raced a evo and beat it and also a lt1 firebird he does race fast cars i dont understand how your friend has all this and is only running 12s. The car come stock running 13s? Plus the 1g your friend has his engine might be old? i dont know my friend has basically a brand new engine new head new bov new upperintercooler pipe... Alot of newer parts.? Your friend A. doesnt know how to drive his car B. your lieing C. Has a sucky engine. He should be high to mid 11s especially with the upgraded turbo?
  9. So a new bov is better than an old one?
    And a new intercooler pipe adds horsepower or torque?
    Why does it seem like your asking us if your friend has these new parts?
  10. so nitro your friend raced an evo and lt1 both 13sec cars[right!]. so now tell him to race real cars. and 4 running 13s stock bullshi#, more like mid 14s. and i didnt say he had alot this stuff is minor compared to what i hear about your buddies car. and also i said 2g not 1g. and your say this is not fast for the car? unless your car runs 11s or 10s how can u say this is slow?
  11. all those mods and this guys car runs 12s. i dont want to be a smart ass but that is slow.that is if we are talking about bills gsx, correct me if im wrong, and i will shut up!
  12. Slow for what they could run. And dude you said one 1 g " 1st. gen. talon awd". Race fast cars lol, if any one wants to see any of pics of bills car or parts just ask i will show. And they will be posted on here soon nitrous.rush
  13. Next weekend i will tape bill racing these cars. For everyone and let all of you see hes getting a new head gasket in so i cant this weekend.
  14. nitro read closer next time i said [1st gen.] talon 20g turbo u know first generation[early 90s]talon.and my buddy works on these cars as a second job.and we did see the parts list and thats alot of stuff[parts]for just 12s as you say at the top of the can show us the video but does that mean your in bills car?show us video from another car!like i say im not here to piss you off or call you on this but when you say 12s is slow for my buddies and your friend has got 10 times the parts and runs the same 12s im lost.
  15. So what happened to his 9-second car? Did all that power blow his head gasket?
  16. He never had that engine i wont lie to you he had it on order then cancelled. He did get alot of money for being bit by a dog. I have a camera now to if any one wants to see any pics so you know im not lieing. Heres what my friend has he blew his head gasket and has to get a new one its in the shop right now but heres exactly everything he has ill show pics..

    apexi 3 inch n1 exhaust
    apexi 3 inch down pipe no cat
    greddy bov
    hks upperintercooler pipe
    gage pod
    boost controller
    panasonic dvd player
    k & n air filter from 3000 gt
    This camera of some sort i honeslty dont know what it is it records you if you come close to the car..

    Thats all my friend has and hes runnin mid 12s... no lie i will get slips for you when it gets out of the shop.
  17. ok! that sounds more like a 12sec combo. all of the other mods just sounded to be a fluke to buddies car is running a front mount,20g turbo,550 injectors,3in. cat back and down pipe runs mid 12s. hope theres no problems. thanks 4 the info. by the way what size turbo is on bills car?
  18. This is the one on the 9 second car they(he?) was (were?) lying about, who knows what they'll(he'll) come up with now. Hopefully he'll research it a little better this time though.
  19. This thread is hysterical, Nitrousrush sounds like hes been on the bottle too much. By that I mean hes injecting the funny gas straight to his lungs not to his car lol. It reminds me of a fear factor I was watching, the guy was talking the biggest game and putting everyone down like he had already owned them. Then he was the first one up to do the stunt (jump from boat to boat) and he didnt even make it across once on the very first stunt of the game. Then Joe, the host, made fun of him and the d u m b a s s guy put on the biggest pout show for the whole world. Point being, well I forgot the point of my post but all nitrousrush's posts have been stu-ped. Oh yeah NitrousNerd, youre car is FUUUGLY. I wouldnt give it to a poor native boy in fear of it taking away from his dignity.
    These 2 guys boostd dsm and nitrousnerd absolutely scream (dare I say) Fast and Furious :notnice: ...It would explain the turbo, nitrous and eclipse.
    Nitrosissy probably wanted to be cool like his buddy and have a fast car (at least one that looks fast like his buddies) so he spent all his burger flipping money on the first cool looking car he saw and some 17" white "wacing wheels and a cherwy bomb mufflar"
    For you 2 guys, I give you a 10/10 for youre enthusiasm to have a nice looking fast car, but for youre understanding of what makes "cool & fast"
    I give you a 1/10, plus the whole entrance you made onto this forum was "teh ghey" how you walked in here like you were about to own everyone because youre buddy had like $40k into his eclipse yo. He probably got the money from pestering his neighbours dogs to the point where one bit him in the a s s. Just like stupidity will always come back to bite you in the a s s. Quit acting like you know what makes speed and maybe youll learn.
    Thanks for listening, peace.