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  1. I work at brother's performance in Corona, and we had our first 2010 come in today. Just happened to have an s197 come and park beside it... I couldn't help myself, I just HAD to go take some comparison shots.

    You can see the back end difference side-by-side in these shots.
    click on any of the pictures to see them 720x450 size

    oh, and I made some desktops of the new front pony emblem, too. Free downloads, all.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the desktops are:

    1024x768 - 1280x1024 - 1600x1200

    widescreen desktops:
    1280x800 - 1440x900 - 1920x1200

    dr. Stanglove

  2. That has to be the ugliest back end I have ever seen......If I made aftermarket body parts for mustangs, the first thing i would do is redesign the back end and sell it as a kit. WTF FORD????
  3. I love the new rear ends. The previous ones just didn't seem to fit with car, to me. Too rounded.
  4. You're looking at the pictures above, right? The blue one is the "old" design... the 6th and 7th pictures showing the rear ends... and the BLUE one is too "rounded"????:scratch:
  5. I know which is which, and I know what I like. :) A lot of people aren't in to the new rear, but I am. I never liked the rear on the 05-09's. Just a personal preference. If I could get the 2010 rear on a 05-09, I'd be a happy camper.
  6. i like the new rear but it has to much bumper because the lights are smaller than the 05-09 model they need a new bumper asap!! the big black plastic makes it look cheap and i love the front of the new one it looks aggressive not plain finally it has some cool curbs :D
  7. I officially think the new rear is the $hit! I like it better, officially :banana:
  8. Ok it has grown on me, I like the 2010s:nice:
  9. oh, don't get me wrong. You can like the '10 over the older models. That's all a matter of personal taste and style, and I'm cool with that.

    I'm just trying to figure out where you see the 05-09 as "too rounded" when the side shots show the rear of the '08 (to my eyes) as being practically straight up and down.
  10. To me it's when you look at the rear straight on, it looks more rounded than the rest of the car, which has many straight lines and edges. Especially from the top of the bumper up, anyways. Big rounded tailights, rounded body panels on the outsides of the lights. Dont' get me wrong, I love the 05-09's. Overall, I like their looks better than the 2010's. Just never liked their rears.

    I think if I ever got a 2010 up, I'd get the pillars on each side of the grill painted to match the body color, like they were on the 05-09's. Looks better to me that way, like the grill is framed. It looks like it might all be one big piece of plastic on the 2010's though.
  11. I love the 2010 front end, but not a big fan of the rear. Maybe a duck type spoiler and a little VHT black-out on the tail-lights would do the trick. All in all the 2010 is a winner. Love the changes to the interior, I hope the seats are better than in the previous models.
  12. The 2010 taillights are awesome in traffic. I chased a V6 coupe down today to look at the sequential LED tails. Very cool. :nice:
  13. First thought was a cadillac mustang. :)
  14. Still glad I got my 07, I don't care for the 10 front or rear. :shrug:

    I wish the 05-09 front end was a little bit smaller, but other than that I love it.
  15. I don't see why all the hate with the new model. I remember 5 years ago when the 05 model was introduced we had just about as many people hating on it. Now we all love it. I bought an 05 litterally right when it first came out. Unfortunately it was wrecked a few years ago and I wasn't in the position to purchase another mustang...but I have a grabber blue GT premium manual tranny with track pack on the way and I love the color and the car, especially the interior, which seems to be a huge leap forward above the previous model. I can't wait for my car to come in. The car dealer is probably going to end up filing for a restraining order because I keep going up there to talk to him about the car and asking when it's coming in, I feel like a kid on Christmas...I love this new model and can't wait to take delivery
  16. I like the new 2010. The interior is truly a upgrade from the 05~09 in form and function.
  17. I really love the new interior too. I thought the 05-09 interior was such a terrific upgrade to begin with, but this new interior is SUCH an improvement! Even in this 6 cylinder convertible, it's downright classy.

    It was cracking me up though when I was taking pictures of it, because that speedo and tach are HUGE in comparison to the car beside it. I mean, even a 70 year old can read the speedometer without their reading glasses on!

    Maybe that was the thought behind the design. Us original mustang fans are getting on in years (as is Carrol Shelby, God bless him).
  18. since I own neither right now .. I would go with a 09 ... I give the 09 with the aggressive look and can get one at CRAZY discount prices ...
  19. Hmmm.

    Still hate the rear, looks like some sort of concoction from Pontiac.

    Still hate the cheap looking bottom trim.

    Overall it still looks OK though, I'd buy one with a 5.0 under the hood. Probably get a grey one to go with the trim.

    Until the 5.0 arrives, I'll keep the 06.
  20. I didnt see this posted in this thread anywhere, maybe I missed it.

    The 2010 mustang pictured is a v6 model. The v8 has a different grille and front valance