side exhaust

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ken44ny, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. does anyone have a pic of their car with the side exhaust?My friend has the 6 cyl. and hasnt seen it or know what i'm talking about.I thought it looked cool-Its on the newer models
  2. thanx fellas,but i was referring to the one which has the pipes running along side car
  3. You mean like a Vette Stingray? If so, I haven't seen that on a late model Mustang. You'll have to get it fabricated then.
  4. and i don't think theres enough clearanc eon our cars to do that, also it would look like ass
  5. you mean side pipes
  6. sounds like it.......they might give it a distinct look, but I'd go with flat black if you want actual "side pipes".

    I have the side exhaust on my car....but doesn't sound like that's what you're after.