Side View of the 2010 Mustang Interior

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    Ford's weekly dispensing of 2010 Mustang teaser images have shown us the interior profile from the driver's side, the climate controls just above the center console, a good look at the dash, as well as the seats of the soon-to-be pony car. This week's shot provides a passenger side profile of the new Ford Mustang's interior and a composite look at the rest of the offerings in the center console. From what we can tell, it seems that the entertainment portion of the console center seems to occupy a lot of space and is integrated into the lower section sans seams (or at least visible ones). This integration could be seen as a slick OEM feature, but could potentially throw a curve to those who commonly seek aftermarket head units (audio, video, navigation) to replace their stock equipment. It's tough to tell for sure from the angle, so we are left counting the few short weeks until the official debut from Ford.

    Side View of the 2010 Mustang Interior
  2. I like the door inserts. Those are nice.
  3. I love the way it all looks... except for the radio! Why do they have to deploy such an intergrated setup.

    I am such an aftermarket radio enthusiast... Looks like they are making our lives a living hell with trying to put in an aftermarket radio :(
  4. I agree.

    The interior looks fantastic (love the side panels and control knobs, cleaned-up console, seat stitching, etc) other than the vents. They should have kept the cool round vents or gone to ALL rectangular vents.

    I also hate the integrated radio setups. My last car was a Cadillac CTS and I was always bitter that I was stuck with a crap "Premium" BOSE stereo. That system was impossible to upgrade because all of the driver information and setup screens were integrated into the radio.

    It would be nice if Ford could improve something without ruining something else.
  5. I wonder what material is being used for the door panels. I hope there is less plastic in the interior. I am also wondering if the radio has the new Sync system. My daughter has it in her new Focus. It is great but putting in an aftermarket unit would be next to impossible.
  6. The door panels, look more like either soft plastic or perhaps even vinyl. :shrug:
  7. Personally, I happen to like the rectangular vents in the center. If you compare the 2010 dash with the 1967-68 models, you'll notice the 67-68 dash, also had rectangular vents as well. :nice: