Signature images? The most moronic idea for stangnet to date?

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by 2000xp8, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. Probably even worse than their classifieds.
    Links have always been good enough, now i have to scroll down a page and look at the same damn cars i've seen a million times. God forbid if the same guy post twice in one thread.
    IMO they are an eye sore, and irritation.
    At least you guys running this site should have the common sense to setup the option where they can only bee seen once per thread. And if this forum software doesnt' support that, do away with them.

    Just scroll through the thread entitled "signature images" and you'll see why it sucks.
  2. i kinda thought they were cool......:shrug:
  3. Just go to the control panel and turn off the signature images...
    But I agree it seems unnecessary to have them in the firstplace.
  4. My Supercharged 5.0 Saleen explorer xp8 #30
    My 1990 Saleen mustang clone with 18's
    WTB all rear seat parts for 87-93 fox, gray hatch.
    Post here:

    this is acceptable though... right.... atleast add some HTML to center it and clean it up.... then grip about how things look!
  5. I thought they were kinda neat for the first 5 minutes then it got old.

    I just turned them off today. If they all looked nice it wouldn't be so bad, but not everyone is talented at Photoshop, or don't take the time to make a good one. Plus they are wayyyy to big.

    And there is no way I could ever keep up with making everyones sigs. :(
  6. Umm, my signature shows information. LIke it should, i could care less about centering. I actually can edit it, because it did it's job and i got the seat parts i need. Hence it served a purpose other than vanity, unlike signature pictures.
    We have avatars, if they wanted to soak up more bandwidth, they should of just made the avatars bigger.

    Good to know they can be turned off.
    BTW, for those of you that think it's cool, visit some other car sites that allow it, pages are a mess, everytime someone posts even a one word reply, their pic is show again.
    It's not a new concept it's just new to stangnet.

    Which option turns off sig pictures? Looks like if i turn them off, it may not show attachments either, is this how it works?
  7. once per thread would be ok, but every post is too much
  8. This is really simple for people... post your sig once.... then in follow up posts.... got to the bottom right corner and unclick "Show your signature". Courtesy to our fellow poster (some with 56K) would go a long way.
  9. I'd find it unlikely that people Uncheck "show signature"
  10. I do, about half the time

    I have one, but I still don't like 'em.
  11. :nonono: I just started posting on Mustangworld and I can't stand reading posts. So rediculous mainly because every other post made is a damn smilie then you have to scroll past all the big stupid sig images. I don't mind it on here though, it's bareable.
  12. stop whining. that's like me saying i have to look at your car in your avatar every single post u make. everyone has their own opinion. i, for one, like the idea.
  13. Why is the internet filled with haters?
  14. because their hobbies include "critisizing." nothing else better to do?
  15. "moronic"? No.
  16. It sounds like someone was kicked in the vagina
  17. :rlaugh: you know if XP8 is starting a thread about something he's not happy...

    Click on my burnout vid in my sig, it will brighten your day
  18. Wrong jackass.
    The avatar isn't in the line of reading. Nor does it extend the persons post.
    Forums are about reading, not looking at pictures of cars, over and over again. BTW there is plenty of "post pics" threads.

    And the real question isn't why the internet full of haters, it's why is the internet full of arrogant little ****s that think their cars are so nice that pics need to be posted everywhere. As if they can't just look out the window and see it.

    S&B, i already seen the burnout video, it held me over for a few days, but i'm back on the rag again, from being kicked in the vagina, which is what obviously made me a hater in the first place. It's ok with me, because it goes well with my new hobby of citisizing. Guess i'll stick with what i'm good at. And hopefully stangnet would look just like all the other sites that tried sig pics.
  19. wow ....... just wow ........... :nonono:
  20. damn dude, i can see where you're coming from, but i even have dialup and don't mind it too much. i actually like it, because i hate having to click a bunch of links to cardomain or a garage or something just to see what someone's car looks like.

    this way i can kinda get a general view of everyone's car without it being too small to see anything like in the avatar (which a lot of people don't even put their car in anyways).
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