Signature images? The most moronic idea for stangnet to date?

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by 2000xp8, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. you're such a ***. dig the sand out of your vagina and then try posting. it sounds like someone needs to change their tampon.
  2. Honestly, if there is something to possibly **** about, some jackass somewhere will do it. Some guys need to relax, the .05 seconds it takes you to see the message posted is not worth ****ing about.

  3. I'm such a ***. LOL. Thanks for noticing.
    You must not read many of my posts, i'm not all that concerned about what you guys think of my attitude. I'm not the typical stangnet member that goes around telling everyone their so great, and their car is fantastic. Maybe i'm here to balance out all the sweet things ball lickers like you say.

    Note that i didn't get aggressive until you opened your mouth.
    Trust me, i'm not the only one that doesn't like sig pics.
  4. woop de doooo...i would say most on stangnet like the idea. maybe instead of ****ing you could make a poll in all the different sections, get some data to see who the majority is. when you have collected the data, show it to the admins and STFU. "ME ME ME ME"
  5. I need not make a poll. I stated my opinion.

    Interesting you say ME ME ME.

    Isn't that exactly what sig pics are about? That would make you a hypocrite.
  6. LMFAO, alright whatever buddy. you are a lost cause, have a nice day. *holding middle finger up*
  7. We like cars, we talk about 'em, we look at 'em. Who cares?

    Like you don't get some people wanting to see others' and praise them for having a nice ride all the time or asking about it, some of us don't get how you and others feel the need to portray the feeling that you're so much better than us and/or you feel like you're above us.

    Turn off the signatures and be done with it if it's such a bother. :shrug:
  8. Easy there mansonozz, yours is one of the few that doesn't bother me. You also have one of the cars i happen to like here.
    And if i turn sigs off, then i don't know what people have for mods.
  9. I just wish more people would put links in there sigs. i'd rather people have like 'black '89 supercharged, click for pics'. There are a lotta of people with sick cars on here, but finding pics is a PITA. If you can create a sig pic, you can set up a website with bigger pictures, descriptions, etc.
  10. Ok, i'm done with this, you guys win, i'm a self centered *******, i'll just have to live with myself.
    I won't complain about all the sig pics.

    Baxter, that's pretty much what i was saying. But these guys need to see pics of their cars 20 times per post.
  11. Yea i hate that on other sites. Just make one thread where everyone posts their cool photoshops and other things and thats fine.

    BTW, i really like mansonozz's ;)
  12. We all know your opinionated and self centered Joe. :D

    But but i agree with your stupid opinionated azz, this time.
  13. 2000XP8... You NEVER have anything positive to say about anything or anyone? Why even post?
  14. Oh, and you are the poster boy for positivity?

    Need i remind you who started the "4 lug cobr R rims are Bo Bo's" thread?

    I usually post in the tech section, which has nothing to do with pictures. Besides the guys here with nice cars, rarely post pictures, because they know their cars are nice and they don't need a bunch of ass kissing stangnetters to tell them so.
    Thus, more chance here to say negative things than positive.

    I also didn't realize till you brought it to my attention, that the internet is only meant to say nice things.
  15. He seems pretty positive that he dont like you.

  16. why are you still posting if you're done with this? and the asteriks weren't referring to the poop chute. the 3 letter word was referring to your sexuality. homo.

    i don't like the background color on stangnet. let's make a post and CRY about it. keep your opinions to yourself. you know what they say about opinions...
  17. Ummm All opinions are welcome?? :rlaugh:
  18. new idea. it's great, you're gonna love it...rename stangnet to 2000xp8net because apparently his opinion is the only one that matters. actually eliminate the discussion forums all together and he can just post up bulletins because obviously we can't go against what he says without being wrong.
  19. im sry but can anyone say spilt milk? :shrug:
  20. I'm a homo because i have a bad attitude?
    Doesnt' really make much sense. I have met gay guys, and trust me, they would never speak the way i do. They would probably toss their scarf over their shoulder, stomp their feet, and walk away.
    Not sure the point of calling me a homo, please come up with something better than that.

    And i'm done "whining" about the sig pics, that doesn't mean i'm done taking or slinging insutls.

    Not sure why i can't have an opinion on the sigs, i don't feel it necessary for you guys to agree with me, so why do i have to agree with you?
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