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  1. Anybody know a good wax/polish for a silver car? I'm having a hell of a time getting this color to pop. I heard natty's works good but anybody used it? anybody had luck with anything else?:SNSign:
  2. nu Finish, i love it. makes my silver car look and feel amazing...
  3. For silver I like to use ClearKote Vanilla Moose topped with Poorboys EX-P sealant. A carnuaba wax can actually dull your metallic. The EX-P is a pure sealant, it has a clear and reflective look. The EX-P will really make your metallic pop.
  4. ClearKote Vanilla Moose topped with Poorboys EX-P sealant

    Where can I get this stuff at? I know I cant find it at a store.
  5. if you can get it in the US, Autoglym super resin polish is absolutely excelent


  6. Ordered this stuff, I cant wait to finally get this paint to pop!:banana: I'll post pics when its all done!:nice:
  7. new question, should I go over the car with a cleaner wax before putting the polish on or would that not make a difference?
  8. Autoglym super resin polish is not meant to be a stand alone product. It is almost identical to Klasse All-In-One were it was very little protection and more like a chemical cleaner then anything. Definatly consider using a pure carnuaba like ClearKote Vanilla Moose or a sealant like Poorboys EX-P. Here Klasse AIO with EX-P on top
  9. And to answer your question no don't use a cleaner wax before or after. Autoglm being a cleaner itself will just strip it off and vise versa.
  10. gotcha, I ordered a ton of different things, basically everything mentioned in this thread besides the nu finish, so it looks like im gonna have a busy weekend. thank again:nice:
  11. Post your results and thoughts on the products used :nice: good luck...
  12. Car looks very good in this picture Danny! Do you have any more pictures taken at the same time? Also, how would you compare the Klasse/EX-P combo to the Megs #16?
  13. Only other angle
    About the same really as far as looks go, #16 would still edge it out on durabilty.
  14. Thanks Danny. I'm gonna order some Klasse AIO and give the Stang a good detail.
  15. As I said before, here's the pics of the finished product, Im not the best at the "all-out" detailing thing yet so dont judge it to much, I hand washed the car, then went straight to the clear kote vanilla moose and then hit it with some poorboys EX-P. I let the EX-P sit for about 20 minutes and then removed it. I was kinda worried at first because the lighting in my garage isnt the best, but once I got it into the daylight it looked pretty good. Both product were very easy to use with little effort to take it off. Heres the pics

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  16. Looking good 04fullitgt:nice:
  17. 2nd to last shows it really well. I would do one more coat and let it sit for 45min to an hour.
  18. I just ordered some Vanilla Moose Glaze from you. :nice:

  19. which one? the EX-P?