Roush Silver Springs, Florida-January 7-9, 2011

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  1. The 17th Annual Silver Springs Mustang and Ford Roundup will be the location for the 2011 Saleen Florida Reunion from January 7-9, 2011. The weekend will consist of a Friday morning cruise from National Parts Depot out to Cedar Key with 100+/- Fords, a tour of the 140 car NPD collection, along with a dinner get together for Saleen owners at WingHouse in Ocala. Saturday and Sunday are show days in the Silver Springs park. The first 1000 registrants get two tickets into the park along with their registration free. Last year had approximately 1400 Fords registered before the 30 degree weather hampered the turnout. Show information can be had at:

    NPDLink | National Parts Depot

    Park information is at:

    Silver Springs Ocala – Nature’s Theme Park

    Feel free to contact me for more info. Hope to see everyone there.
  2. 32 days until the Florida Ford fun fest is here again.