Silverstar Ultra bulbs

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  1. I contacted Sylvania about H 13 Silverstar Ultra bulbs. They plan to release them in the fall of 2007.
  2. i thought you had all new bulbs already. :shrug:
  3. Yea, you know it's just like the computer manufacturers. You get the latest Whizbang 9000, and they come out with the 9001 next week. I just put Silverstars in my GT about a month ago, and then I hear Sylvania advertising these Ultras. I suppose I'm an idiot, but I'll probably buy them.
  4. there out already.i have the h13&9145s now for a month.had to go to a bunch of autozones & checkers to find them.19.95 a piece:banana: :flag:
  5. my mistake;i have the silverstars:doh:
  6. Silverstar Ultras

    Yup, I have 'Stars in my headlights & fogs but when the Ultras come out I'll probably "upgrade".
  7. Those Silverstars are very, very good. OK they're not HID, but they are a great improvement over stock. And, I take it back about calling myself an idiot:) When the Ultras become available, I will of course buy them. Having good lighting is worth it.
  8. god, i live in oklahoma city, autozone and other places still havent gotten even the cool blue bulbs, let alone silverstar
  9. Try some on-line places. I think even with shipping they might be just about what you'd pay locally. And, no sales tax.

    I think you'll like those Silverstars. The headlight bulbs are pretty easy to change, but the foglamps require loosening up the grille so you can get your hands in there. The fogs are #9145.
  10. The problem with Silverstars is that they don't last very long. You'll be lucky to get a year out of them.
  11. That hasn't been my experience with them. I had them in my '96 for several years. No problems. The ones I found that did not last were the ones from Asia. There are a some high output blue coated bulbs for sale from either Korea or Japan. I had one set that lasted about two months and died.
  12. You know, all my friends that have tried them in their cars have had them burn out after only a few months. But I've had SilverStars in my Marauder (both headlights and driving lights) for two years now and they're still running strong. And with the auto-headlamp feature on the car the lights are on and off all the time, like whenever I start it in the garage. So it's not a lack of use. *shrug* Guess it's just luck of the draw with these things.
  13. SilverStars are known for short lifespans and the tinted glass which gives it that ricer HID-wannabe look.
  14. The blueish light is more or less pure white from my 3 year experience with Silverstars.

    Compared to the stock yellow bulbs they look white.

    I get about 6 months or so from the Silverstars, and I run them night and day.


    Now blue JDM mad tyte bulbs that are clearly blue I can buy as being blue...

    Osram or equivalent "Cool Blue bulbs" are the wannabe ricer bulbs.

  15. Silverstars

    I had 'Stars in a 2000 GT over 2 yrs with no problems. Seeing at night--priceless.
  16. I've had SS bulbs in my cars for about 4 years now in various sizes, and I've only lost one. FWIW I switched to the Ultra bulbs in my MSM about two months ago and really didn't see much difference at all.

    Recently, I picked up a set of HON fog lights for my SVTF and have been really impressed. They almost perfectly match the car's HIDs and are very bright.

    I'd be inclined to look there first beforse I go to the Silverstars, though I really like those light as well.
  17. A "white light" from tinted glass IS the HID-wannabe look. Some just take it to a different level with bluish lighting, but the SilverStars have a purplish tint that makes the color appear white. Also, the higher price of the SilverStars makes them "work better" because you paid more, therefore it must be better!

    Sylvania rates the SilverStars for 150 hours while the XtraVisions are rated at 350+ hours. The GE Nighthawk (9007s at least) are rated for 1100 hours and are as bright or brighter than the XtraVisions.

    If you ask Sylvania for the brightest bulbs that also last an acceptable amount of time (for OEM/fleet applications) they will say to use the XtraVisions.

    If you want anecdotal evidence, I got 5+ years on my pair of XtraVision 9007s and they were still working great when I swapped in the GE Nighthawk 9007s.

    I plan to buy a pair of XtraVision H13XVs when I get the call :D
  18. If you say so. I can tell you that what I was after was a brighter light for night driving and they do appear brighter. Is it my imagination that it's brighter just because it's whiter? Maybe, but it looks brighter to my eyes.
  19. I agree. The road was easier to see with the SilverStars in my '96, and it's easier to see things with the SilverStars in my '05. As compared to stock. The bottom line is you get better visibility with these things and that's what I'm interested in.
  20. The XtraVision 9007s produced better visibility compared to stock bulbs and the SilverStars.