Silverstar vs. Silverstar Ultra

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  1. This is the kind of stupid testing that comes from boredom, lol. I had one burnt out Silverstar and the Ultras were on sale so what they heck. Here are some comparisons for those who care. Ultra is on the left:

    you can guess which is which:

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  2. Ultras are the dimmer headlight on the Left??

    How old is your other silverstar headlight bulb?? Over time bulbs may dim slightly, so it's not really a true comparison unless you have two brand new bulbs
  3. Its about a year or so old, no one said this was a rigorous testing procedure, just a quick comparo
  4. i have the Silverstar Ultra and they suck.

    OF course i have smoked headlights so ANY bulb sucks lol.
  5. So which one is the Ultra in the picture of the front of your car. You say above the bulbs pic that the Ultra is one the left, but you don't say above the other picture. I am assuming the Ultra is the brighter one on the driver's side headlight?
  6. You need HIDS:)
  7. Left = Driver so I'm assuming it's the brighter one aka drivers side.
  8. i cant bring myself to pay 20-25 bucks for ONE bulb. that beign said i did "acquire" silverstars fomr pep boys for my stang, and im jstu waiting for them to get the ultras
  9. Hahah, acquire. Nice. I was looking at those bulbs one day at Meijer I think, and there was some guy standing there packing them into his hoodie. I looked at him and he nodded, and I pointed at the 9007s, and he snagged them up. Ten minutes later, he gave them to me in the parking lot. Go figure, about a month later, they both burnt out. Karma, I suppose.
  10. Yes the driver's side is the Ultra.

  11. ahahahaha nice.

    i have had great luck. theres silverstars in my sisters jeep for 2 years, my fogs (form my jeep into the stang) for a year and a half, my moms headlights for 2 1/2 years and my stangs healdights since august. no burn outs yet