Exhaust Similar to Ford Racing Sport Axleback

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    So after some listening, I fell in love with the FR Sport axleback. That being said, it's $700 (sale price) on AM and not CA legal. The former being the bigger issue. $700+ for an axleback is rather depressing, seeing as though the GT500 axleback comes in under $400. I'd like to get some feedback from you all that have heard the Ford Racing Spork axleback and can recommend something similar in terms of sound profile. I'm not concerned with the volume, but more the tone. This thing sounds like the engine more than it does an exhaust. That low rumble is amazing. I called up AM asking for a recommendation from them, and seeing as though Borla makes the Ford Racing Sport axleback, I wasn't surprised that they recommended the Borla ATAK and Touring. I'm hoping to find something more in my price range, which is in the $400s. Any ideas? My current alternative is the GT500 axleback + resonator delete. Also, to give another point of reference, I think the Roush is a little too throaty.
  2. Haven't ever heard it, so I'm not a lot of help. I will say that I think the sound of my GT500 is perfect, so if those are available, and in your price range, I would highly recommend. Only other thing I don't know is to what extent the difference in engines will effect the sound?

    What about the whole Boss 302 exhaust setup?
  3. Here's a link. Compares stock GT to the Ford Racing. The closest I'm hearing is the Borla S-Type, which is probably what this is, just private labelled.
  4. I have the frpp sport axle back and it terrific. Yes, Borla S is about the same exhaust....and the same price.
  5. The mufflers themselves aren't as shiny as the s-type but almost the same sound. The rolled tips are nice and they look and sound a lot better than the gt500's. I debated getting the gt500's and I'm glad I didn't. Every time I crank it up I just think: "Damn. I love this car" If you can get in touch with the American Muscle rep, he may give you a discount. I used discounts from 2 sites I'm registered with and knocked off around $50.