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  1. Hello all, i have a simple question that i hoped can be answered easily. How much Horsepower and Torque does a stock 1995 mustang V6 put out?
    Also, anyone know how the Chinspoiler from compares to the Shinoda or CDC kits? It costs significantly less, and seeing as money is not something i have alot of, it would help to know.
    So anyway, My Story...
    I just installed a MAC Dual exaust sytem on my 1995 V6 Mustang adding somewqhere in the neighborhood of 9 horsepower and a heck of a lotta sound and good looks. My stang is 'Deep Forest Green' with an aftermarket spoiler on it. (Although the spoiler is a certified 'Ford' part, i havent seen many around, it has 3 support structures as apposed to the normal 2 is see...) I also recently installed a set of new "Bullit" Style rims (Charcoal) and new some new Goodyear Eagles on the back. The rear tires on the back are offset a good positive 2+ inches, which really fills out the wheel well better. (This presented a problem with the lugnuts, as they didnt stick out far enough to see, so we bought some new extended ones for the back, much better now) Of course, Bumper inserts in the rear. (Brushed chrome) And soon to come are Rocker Panel stripes with MUSTANG in them. (We bought some in white, but they shipped us silver =(
    My little V6 mustang cant compare to my older brothers 2001 Silver Mustang GT Convertible... thats loud as hell... with the bassani xhaust and all...
    This is my first car, and i believe i picked a damn good car to get started on, and seeing as these modifications make the car that much sweeter, i plan on using it for a good long time.
  2. I just read the 2004 V6's are 190hp. Sorry if it does nothing to help.
  3. well, taking it from ryvlyssup...

    1998 Bright Atlantic Blue (K7) Mustang Convertible
    Rarest color for 1998.
    160 RWHP
    215 RWT
    Stock and Naturally Aspirated
    Proud of my V6 Stang and it IS American Muscle! (Agreed)
  4. I believe he's wrong on those figures. 94-98 3.8L to my knowledge has 150hp, which is on the flywheel.
  5. I thought the 94-95 v6's had 145 hp and 215 tq and then the 96-98's had 150 hp and 215 tq
  6. icepac is correct.

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  9. and for 1999 also :D
  10. Does anyone have any input on the CDC vs Shinoda vs's Chin spoilers? they look good, and the mustangtuning.coms one is cheap, but i wouldnt want to buy a cheap one that breaks and have to buy a new one =(
    but thanks for the HP and TQ affirmationi have roughly 155 horsepower in my 1995 now =D
  11. I would say it all boils down to looks and quality. First decide which one you like most, then see what it is made out of. Polyeurathane is better than fiberglass for a part that has the potential to be bashed against the road or a curb.

    Usually people don't paint these, but if you do, or any other body part that sits low on the car, it should be painted with an additive they use on our soft body panels. It will help against cracking and chipping, but won't actually prevent it.

    I'm sure they all attach the same way via bolts into the bottom of the bumper.

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  19. funny i have an atlantic blue 99 mustang v6....interesting
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