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  1. :D heres my question...
    a while back i was looking at some mustang websites...i found this quote that someone had said and i really liked it. i think it goes something like this:
    "when the heartbeat stops...the hoofbeats begin"
    but see the whole thing, i dont know if this was the exact quote. does anyone know what im talking about!?!
  2. girls are required to post pics if they want questions answered
  3. :rolleyes: add lame to that sentance somewhere and i might refrain from teaching you a thing or two about real girls with mustangs.
  4. Damn leghumpers on this board. No wonder why we have a small female population around here.

    And I believe that is how it goes. Least that's all I have ever seen.
  5. post as a guy.... then you wont get hasseled now would you.... hoofbeats are from a pony car... you know a horse... horse's have hoofs... that they walk on... and i guess the noise they make when they walk would be considered hoofbeats (loosly but its the only way it makes sense) i mean they couldnt say hoofs moving or what ever.... and chevy uses heartbeat of america (dont know why they dont have crap to offer anymore...)
  6. I like posting as a girl, but i see your point... i dunno if blondie up there could get away with it though. lol. :rolleyes:

    as for hoofbeats, see my avatar, then signature... and if you don't get it... wow. plus, it's a "pony car" etc etc. Look at the signature logo... pony.

    as for the exact quote, i have no idea, i've never seen it.
  7. How about we be nice to one another and play nice. Now she was just asking a simple question.

    One could be construed as sexual harrassment if it was in the work place and Spector your post was just pathetic.
  8. its not the heartbeat of america any more its [​IMG] geez get it right :D
  9. Revolution?
    If FWD on all cars is their idea of an American Revolution, I'm gonna start buying European cars. :rolleyes:
  10. I'd rather buy Euro then Chevy anyday. I wouldn't blink an eye to buy a BMW or the like.
  11. Yeah i dont know where they are going with that revolution crap, all i know is i see there cars changing bit by bit... take dropping the cavalier for that new cobalt... nice... with a few mods it could look like a skyline =D
  12. probably cause they are outsourcing more than they are used to. if they say heartbeat of america that implies that the cars are built here by hard working american factory workers who take pride in supplying the farmers with quality vehicles that let us live the way we do (yeah i just sorta bull**it my way through that one) but now they are using austrialian and japaneese parts so they had to change it up

  13. this is why i dont post in the v6 boards anymore :nonono:
  14. the GT boards are riskay i hear! lol
  15. But.......but


    you're a sixer :shrug:
  16. this is true, but he is also a TRAITOR!

    Maybe thats a little extreme... maybe he takes breaks from posting?

  17. i post on 05 and 4.6 talk and copacabana and the poli forum