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  1. I had an embarrassing moment last week. We’ve probably all done this. I went to do a burnout and forgot the traction control was on – really pathetic launch. So, my mission was to disable the TCS and avoid this problem.

    I’m sure I’m not the first to discover this simple fix, but my internet and forum searches have turned up nothing. So, here it is, the simple TCS disable!

    After tinkering with the TCS switch, I discovered by trial and error that if you hold in the switch, the car always defaults to TCS off. First I tried just holding the button during multiple restarts, then I jammed it with a paper clip and went for a test drive. No matter how many restarts, as long as the switch is held down, TCS defaults off. I’m certain it was really off and not just a logic glitch because I took a test drive in the rain. I assure you the TCS is REALLY OFF.

    OK, all the TCS button does is short a wire to ground. Phase two of my conversion was to wire the TCS button line to a toggle switch that I could shunt to ground. With the toggle open, the TCS button works as Ford intended. With the toggle closed and the TCS line shunted to ground, traction control is now always off.

    Has anyone else tried this and had any problems? Am I overlooking something or is it really that simple?
  2. Most handheld tuners can permanently disable traction control.
  3. Do you still get the annoying message in the message center? The problem I had with disabling it with the tuner is that I would still get a message in the message center that I would have to clear by hitting reset. So it seemed pointless. I'd rather be able to have it on in the rain and turn it off when I need it off. Just gotta get in the habit of doing so.
  4. +1. When I get in my car and start up the first thing I do is hit the TCS button if it is dry outside.
  5. I have no warnings or messages in the display (other than the stupid TPMS warning because my wheels have no sensors). The TCS button lights up "OFF" and that's it.

    I know you can disable with tuners, but my tuner doesn't offer that function and this is a quick, simple, cheap fix for those who may be interested.

    I would probably remember to just hit the button more often, but it is partly obscured by the power supply for my GPS unit sticking out of the power outlet in the center.
  6. If you want it to default off, can you switch the polarity of the wires? Ideally for me, it would default to off and I could turn it on. Really makes no difference to me though, probably smarter that I have to turn it off.
  7. Personally, I've found the TC on my 08 really doesn't restrict too much (not even close to the stranglehold it had on my 00 GT). I can still spin the tires a little and it just takes off. In the rain, yes, it does hold the car back a bit.

    But look at it this way, my buddy who is a assistant DA with LA county told me of a case where a car was in a wreck, and the computer showed the traction control had been switched off at the time of the accident. The prosecuting attorney used this information to show that the driver was racing. Put the guy on the stand and outright asked him why he had switched it off. Called a friend of his who told the court it was so he could get more speed and do slides. I don't know what the outcome was, but food for thought (your typical juror thinks traction control off=he was asking for trouble!)...
  8. Talk about embarassing TCS stories I was autoxing and going for a nice drift into the last turn it kicks on half way causing massive understeer and making me look like a n00b.

    Now since I have an 07 with the TPMS that don't work (aftermarket wheels) i get in the habit of clicking the belt, resetting the TPMS, and turning TCS off EVERY TIME. :)
  9. Hi All,

    New to the forum and had a quick question about the TPMS. I fitted aftermarket wheels to my 2010 and didnt bother to fit the TPMS. I leave traction off, but would the fact that I have the flashing tire actual force Traction back on?

    Hope you can help!

  10. It shouldn't my car gives me the error messge but I think TCS is independent of that altogether. It never goes back on once I hit the off button unless the car is turned off and then back on.
  11. I had my TC permanently turned OFF in my tune, the "swerving car" light stays on but who cares.
  12. I always turn off my TCS once the car is started and has is run for a few seconds. I couldn't believe how much better (power, driveability) the car felt with the TCS off! IMHO, I think the car is more dangerous with the TCS on and driving aggressive. A shift from 1st to 2nd and traction loss happens, the car can get thrown sideways and make you look like a fool! I'm not suggesting that anyone drive with it off, I just feel like I can handle my car better with the TCS off.
  13. I have a relay wired to turn mine off each time the key switch is turned on. I never need to remember. Plus, if you want it on, just hit the button.

    Found out by searching around.
  14. Turning it off is simple. Hold the break and the button down For 8 seconds at a full stop should turn it off for good tell you want it on

  15. not to bring up old threads, but tried this on my 2008 GT and no dice. Anyone else have a way to make default off?