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  1. The car is at the chassis shop,so I told them to scale it.
    Any one want to take a guess at the weight and percent's ?
    It's no lightweight.

    93 LX hatch
    What added weight,9.5 dart block,T56 Magnum,quick time bell,6 point
    c/m bar with kickers to the sub frame connectors,welded t/b
    reinforcements, 2 battery's in the back,40 lb of tools and misc.
    2 ,10lb plates under the spare,just over a half tank of fuel,full
    interior,factory sunroof,6 heavier replacement speakers,updated
    alternator and wiring. That's all that comes to mind that added weight.
    The big aluminum rad probably adds water weight.

    Some weight loss,alternator is the only driven item. Glass hood,
    m/m front coil overs,team z, k frame,solid motor mounts,front sway
    bar removed,weld drag lites,bias ply tires.

    I have no idea on the weight,guessing 54/46 ?
  2. 3,700 lbs, 54/46
  3. 3600+/-

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  5. 3200-3300 minus occupant
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  6. My guess as well.
  7. 3309 plus driver.
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  8. Well, that was with the driver though:D.
  9. 3325lbs.

    No guess on the bias.
  10. OK here we go. With the new welded in ARB,and the factory rear sway bar
    still in place,with 175 lb driver,51.8 / 48.2
    3279 lb car only
    3458 175 lb driver
  11. Nice. What do we win
  12. 2 cats for the closest guess
    Give jinx the address of the winner