Since The Cats Out The Bag

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  1. coming soon to crazy bob racing...


    should be picking it up this weekend.
    plans for the nitrous car are up in the air at this moment.
    for those who have been living under a rock for the last 6 years
    here is the ol nitrous car
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  2. So now you have a nitrous car and a turbo car?! Time to clone yourself so you can race yourself for slips!!!! Nice ride, more pics needed
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  3. haha i just work on them... bob owns them. id be willing to run the nitrous car on motor. not sure id want to run it on the bottle to start out. it runs [email protected] with a 1.50 60' on motor
  4. Can't wait to see the new car is person...beautiful ride

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  5. Oh boy!! Looks like some fun to be had there!
  6. thanks guys!

    and shes a BAD MOFO!
  7. So when you say "up in the air" you mean he's thinking about swapping the turbo car for the nitrous, or keeping both and competing with the nitrous
  8. to keep it around and grudge race it or just sell it
  9. Nooooooooo, Fox body, Fox body!!!! :stick:
  10. the cage in the blue car was built for a small guy. something bob and myself are not
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  11. Well that settles it, ....New Cage :p
  12. would be about 15K to have it cut out and made to a 25.2 like the cobra is
  13. I hear silver just dropped 5% yesterday, start investing :rlaugh:
  14. where did he get that track system for the dzus fasteners? @srtthis
  15. I'm sure DMC made those but Skinny Kid Race Cars sells the rail system also

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  16. Thats what i should have gotten for my hood instead of the individual plates but its on there now hah. Hey @Rick 91GT do they make something for the front of the hood ive searched a few times but everythings custom with either plate aluminum or dom tubing
  17. Only seen custom up front...the rails SKRC makes for the fox are carbon fiber $160

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  18. Skinny kids DMC and race craft all make the rails. Feather carbon makes one for the front of the hood. But they suck about getting your parts...

    Anyway last night with turbo car at MIR... [email protected]
  19. I'm pretty sure the cat went down WITH the bag so your thread is invalid. My evidence is from another thread: