Single BEST and WORST about your 05+???

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  1. I am thinking about buying one of the 05+ cars in the next year or so, and I was wondering if you guys could come up with the SINGLE Best and Worst thing about your cars?

    What is it that makes you smile everytime you look at or get behind the wheel of your car?

    What is it that tweaks that same smile downward slightly everytime you see it or hear it or feel it?

  2. my 06 was a bucket
  3. Not enough storage. I came from an 06' F150 Supercrew so I had cup holders and glove boxes, and center consoles galore. Now I only have 2 whack cupholders and no place for my pistol.
  4. My only complaint is that the car is way too heavy for it's HP rating. This car should weigh arounf 3K pounds instead of 3.8K ponuds.
  5. The one BEST would be the performance given it's weight and HP rating. The WORSE is the weight which kills performance LOL

  6. I would have liked the Mustang to have at least 350HP, a sunroof option would have been nice too.
  7. My favorite thing about my stang is the comfort in the seat and the looks people give you. My least favorite thing about the stang is the payment.
  8. Every time I get in my stang I smile. The only thing I don't like is a double edged sword...they are everywhere which also means there is a huge aftermarket selection to make them unique (ish).
  9. I have no problem with the weight to power ratio as it will out run the lighter stangs of the 60's even with big blocks. I love the comfort level, power and size as I just came from a focus st. Leather heated power seats, great stereo and on and on. It's fast and it's furious, however like most gearheads, 400 hp would of been nice. Like most gearheads, if it had 400 hp, 500 hp would of been nice ha ha.
  10. I love that they are 13 second 1/4-milers bone stock with a huge and affordable aftermarket to easily get them into the 12's. Much improved interior ergonomics and space over prior generation. Great looking car (retro-done-right). Super reliable.

    Drawbacks: poor brakes (my 03 Mach 1 had far superior braking power), heavy (although still fast considering - mine weighs 3450 lbs), and fuel economy suffers (from being heavy and lightly modded - I get about 12mpg in town and 20mpg highway).
  11. Best: Best looking Mustang since the Fox Body came out.
    Worst: A backseat that a midget wouldn't be comfortable sitting in.
  12. Wow, alot of people think this car is fat and underpowered, but the previous generation Mustangs were all pretty much the same way in my opinion.

    Good opinions so far. How many cup holders does this Mustang have?
  13. The new Mustang could have been a 12.5 second car and there'd still be people asking why not 11's.

    Good: Best bang for the buck. Looks and performance wise
    Bad: Miscellaneous rattles throughout the interior that Ford is known for.
  14. A Few Favorite things about the new Stang is Appeal by all age groups, the Powerplant LOVES BOOST, and Driver ergonomics

    Only big gripe I had was the 2 obviously misplaced cup holders. If you use these holders then shifting the manual becomes an art. note: but most likely because I use the Tri-axe shifter.
  15. i keep seeing people complain about the cupholders location and shifting. everytime i go to the track, i have a 32 oz cup in the rear cupholder. never had a problem shifting.

    my favorite thing about the car is driving comfort. this is one of the few cars that actually feel right when driving. everything is where you need it to be.

    least favorite is that it is so hard to get the perfect exhaust combo.
  16. Good opinions so far. How many cup holders does this Mustang have?
    none if you would like to shift your car, it has two gigantic change holders
  17. So many pluses, looks, ride, comfort. Minuses - defrost system sucks. You don't need the center of the windshield cleared first, you need the part in front of you so you can drive safely. My '05 has basically been problem free so I love driving it year round.
  18. BEST: sound of the 4.6!:hail2:

    worst: its funny most here like the seats/ ergonomics but i find it absolutely awful. i can't get comfortable in it as i think the seat is way too high.
  19. worst going over bumps the rear suspention is very clunky , sounds like the ass fell out , does anyone feels this . best lightly modded i went 12.9 at 106 with an auto
  20. its an 06 gt