Single BEST and WORST about your 05+???

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  1. best: it is just plain fun to drive, great road car comfortable has good power and goes sideways at the drop of a hat ( which is a big plus )
    worst: brakes suck, cupholders suck, you always have to have the heater or a/c on to keep windows clear and why make a dash that changes colors like the horse from the Wizard of OZ if every other switch and light in the car stays Ford green. I have my color that stays on the factory green so it matches all the other lights and switches in the car!
  2. Best: Leap years ahead of my sn95 5.0 blown 94 GT in every fashion.

    Worst: drive by wire lag which is gone now haha gets decent gas milage in my eyes, love the interior, love the handling stock over previous gt's
  3. The best - It's drop dead gorgeous. I never get tired of of the styling. Performance (and exhaust sound) is nice right off the dealer lot.

    The worst - It's a rattle box! I know it's a Ford, but I expected a lot less rattles on a new car. The rattles in my Fox added character. The rattles in my '06 may me sick to my stomach.
  4. Best= The sound and comfort of the inside
  5. that drives me nuts too.
  6. I had clips inserted by my dealership between the Pillar and the Dash. I have no rattles anymore.
  7. shouldn't the SCT have taken care of the Lag?
  8. Best - The car is just all around fun, best bang for the buck you can buy.

    Worst - Rattles like everyone else said, especially with full exhaust.

    No trunk release in the car is a real PITA.

    One time I went flyfishing and locked my keys in the trunk after getting all my gear out. It sucked having to crawl into my trunk through the backseat.:nonono:
  9. Worst: Gas milage. The V-6 is a gas hog at in-town driving. I typically drive just 4 miles one way to work. I get about 14 MPG. On the open road it does fine at mid 20's.
    Best: Fun factor. Top down, shifting thru the gears, taking curve fast, looks from other's. I didn't talk much about the car at work yet I get all kinds of complements on the car from people I never talk to about cars. It also reminds me of my first car - a '65 Mustang! All these things add up to a smile on my face.
  10. Best: Its a retro Mustang!!!!

    Worst: The South Jersey State Troopers:notnice:
  11. Best: Its a Mustang!

    Worst: Its a Mustang!

    Meaning its affordable (Under $25,000 for a GT if you deal). Its quick. Its stylish. It handles decent.

    Meaning you are not going to have the refinement of a Lexus or the overall performance of a C6 Vette.

    Basically if you have $25,000 to spend and your a American Car Guy you buy a Mustang and if your a Import Guy you buy a WRX.
  12. Best: Styling (both Int and Ext), massive after market behind it, handling, power, and mpgs.. I came from a truck getting 13-15 and my GT has avg over 20 so far.

    Worst: ...I let you know when I find one that is the cars fault. :flag:
  13. Best: Style & performance, can't even come close for the money.

    Worst: Damn rattle my exhaust makes when it's cold (Hopefully that'll be fixed by the dealer on Friday though, so then it'd be nothing)
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  15. I love that worst part.

    I got to be honest here, in late 2004 when these cars started showing up on the streets I did not like them at all, but as I said then, give me a couple years to get over it, well it took 3 years, but I am starting to like them more and more.

    The car does have a huge aftermarket, but it seems like parts are alot more expensive for these cars than the 1994-2004 cars. Is it just because its new?

    Keep those opinions coming!
  16. Best; Best drivin car I ever had!

    Worst; 45k miles and its now throwing a data code error at me.
  17. Some of the reason for higher pricing is R&D, but most of it is the fact that we're willing to pay the higher price. The S197 is pretty much the hottest aftermarket niche right now. So companies can charge a higher price because people are willing to pay it. Check out the price of Kooks longtubes. It's amazing.
  18. :jaw: $850 for long tube headers on ebay??? What happened to the $300 longtubes you could buy for your 5.0??? I am just shocked!!! Wow.:hail2:
  19. $850? You must've found cheap ones lol. Kooks run over $1200 from a retailer. It crazy. I want the longtube sound so bad. But I refuse to pay so much for headers.
  20. My buddy was out at SEMA this year and was suprised how many S197s were there on display. Pretty awesome being that it's in it's 4th model year with no real changes.