Single BEST and WORST about your 05+???

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  1. Best: Styling, performance, moddability.
    Worst: The damn Spanish Oak ECU which will blow up your engine if you forget to tune it for something as simple as an intake swap.
  2. the worst is the cheap leather seats. mine already show signs of wear.

    the best is the fact that they look a hell of alot better than f bodies.

    (the TA puts 638 to the wheels and runs 10.8, but mine looks better)


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  3. BEST: They don't sell them in the UK and even after 10% import duty and 17.5% sales tax, you still get a car that looks like an Aston and causes crowds for a fraction of the cost. Even here, they are legendary.

    WORST: Having to pay 3.5% import duty and 17.5% sales tax on aftermarket parts and shipping costs ... but I still do it!
  4. Back in '99 I was looking at the T/A. It is much better looking than the Camaro IMO and for nearly the same price as the Mustang, BUT I bought the GT anyways and never looked back:D

    I have to agree.
    This does look alot better

    than this

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  5. i think the sunset orange ws6 ta is the best looking one. but it does not hold a candle.
  6. All pluses for me except for the color. BLACK, can't keep it clean enough for my liking.
  7. Do what I did. Sell the Black GT and get a much lighter color that's tons easier to keep clean. :lol:
  8. Best= Its an S197

    Worse= The backseat fits $20 worth of groceries and maybe a pocketbook
  9. Best: the looks, the styling, the ride, the comfort...... and it's an American icon.

    Worst: the cloth seats were a turn-off to me from day one. They just have the look of cheapness, IMO.
  10. Seriously? :shrug:

    Best: Cheap Thrills.

    Worst: Small Cube 281.
  11. the backseat is very small....
  12. Best- it looks like the old 67, 68 or 70 fastback.
    worst- not much headroom to wear a cap, but thats part of the sleek areo package to cut through the wind.
  13. Pros and cons

    My pros and cons:

    I bought a used 05 V6 yellow mustang so my notes are a lot cheaper than they would have been buying a brand new one. I didn't have to take the bulk of the depreciation that every new car experiences.

    Everyone (young and old)absolutely loves my car. I had a little 6 year old boy come up to me and he said "Wow, nice car!" It's definitely an attention grabber.

    The horsepower and performance seems great even though it is the 4.0. Anything much faster and I'm not sure I could control myself....I'd have lots of speeding tickets.

    The first thing that went bad was the Shaker 500 stereo system...not once, but twice after having it replace with a rebuilt one Ford put in for me. I've since updated my system with a Pioneer Premier with IPOD hookup. It only cost about $300 and was well worth it! Make sure they hook up all the subs though because it takes two harnesses to get them all.

    Rear suspension makes bumping noise when going over speed bumps or going over some driveway curbs.

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to adapt my baby well when I have one. The two door thing might be hard and the baby seat might just barely fit.
  14. I just got an 08 CS/GT and love the roominess of the front seats compared to my 03 Mach1. I am dissapointed in the road noise inside while driving. I would of thought Ford would of cured this by now.
  15. Mustang

    EVERYONE knows it is a MUSTANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ( Grabber Orange Coupe ) Nice Ride for a Senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pro: I have the finacing the dealer and the delivery method, even my old truck taken care of, so close
    Con: no buyers for motorcycle a.k.a my down payment
  17. I've had no problems with my 5 year old son the past 15 months in the back of mine. Even when he's sleeping and I have to either put him in there or take him out. Only thing that does is limit your passenger size if you can take one at all due to moving the seat most of the way forward.
  18. Only the electronic part of it. some of us have a physical gap before the sensor recognizes pedal travel. I opened up the pedal and put in a spacer to fix it. love it now.

    2. The above mentioned lag (now fixed), which exagerrated #1.
    1. Drivetrain clunk!! for me, it's a warm weather (generally over 50 degrees) problem, where most gear shifts produce clunking. very hard to drive this thing smoothly in redlight traffic, and very annoying. even without throttle lag it clunkes a lot.

    The Best:
    The engine. Coming from 6 years in a WRX (2 liter turbo), having low end grunt is great! Now if only the tall tires & tall final drive didn't try and ruin in. I think a 3.73 is in my future, as is a driveshaft to address the clunk.

    I've tweaked many little things that bothered me, like the vague shifter (shifter bushings), non-sporty handling (shocks, panhard bar, front LCA bushing inserts), crappy sound out of the shaker 500 (new radio fixed missing odd bass notes). I'm loving this car now.

    I just put the blizzacks on this week (ws-50's). I drove in a little snow back in March when I got the car, but nothing really bad. I've driven a little in winter in RWD cars before, and while acceleration wasn't stellar, that's just a 2WD thing.