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    this is what i get if i try to just enter in the address bar. three different computers, two different locations. this is before i even try to log into stangnet. i can back door this if i google search stangnet and select forums from the google search, but just punching in the address does not work. it has been like this all day.
  2. I noticed that the page and text formatting in your post above, is not standard for the forum. It looks like what happens when when text is put into a word processor then copy/pasted to the forum interface. That can cause a LOT of additional formatting characters to be embeded with some wonky results.

    Additionally, when you're typing into the address bar, if you type just "" instead of then actual destination is whatever is stored on your browser history. THAT portion is local. That means that, that address is stored on whatever computer you're accessing from.

    For instance: If you go to your adress bar and just type in "stangnet" then you will see a number of addresses that match the query. Those matches are places that you've visited recently that meet the criteria. The point of all of that is that if you happen to have a bad address (one instance) stored for that address, then retyping it in the address bar will return you to that bad link.

    Let me know if when you type you get a bad link.

  3. Yes, i did last night too. It was the same as the link i sent you but now looks like this.
    Blog Update in Progess - Forums are Open

    We are updating our Blog system today, BUT our Forums are still wide open, so jump on over to the Forums.
    Head over to the Forums
    Our blogs will be back later today!
  4. easy to navigate around and probably expected by you if your doing updates. but i am tellin ya, yesterday the darn thing did not work. i log on/search/enter addresses the exact same way every time with no prob and that is what i got all day yesterday.

    as long as i can still log on stangnet i am a-ok, just wanted someone to pat me on the head and tell me everything was gonna be alright...
  5. Mike must be working on the blog end of it.
  6. All fixed. :)