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  1. Edit: This thread originated as posts in an unrelated topic, but it's suggestions, on how to improve the site, so they've been moved here, to continue the discussion.

    Believe it or not, I'm in agreement with you that things have been on the decline. We've been having an ongoing discussion in the staff forum about site improvements. Some have been implemented already, some are still being discussed. Some are behind the scenes and others, like all posts counting now are out in the open. If you have any ideas, or suggestions that you feel would improve the site, by all means let us know.
  2. My first suggestion would be to lift the language filter save for racial slurs. We aren't infants who need to be chastised for saying "bad words." Loosen the reigns a little bit, half of the tension created on this site is from members being pent up because someone has a hand over their mouth. I'd create a minimum post count before allowing pics or links to be posted like over on "that other site" to minimize trolling and n00b posts. A preliminary quota of 10 tech posts should be met to validate the seriousness of a member before granting them free reign to post at will. This forum gets littered with "5 lug swap" and "4 clyinder to v8 swap" questions 10x a week. I'd create dedicated sections for power adder cars. Make a section where guys can post embarrassing craigslist cars and ebay ads. Make the new "garage" idea a section within itself where members can whore out their rides and list mods (I know there was a sound and shine section, but it sucked, haha). Admins and mods should reach out to sites like 50resto, American Muscle, and Summit and Jegs for a "group buys" section with member discounts. I also think each major site sponsor should be assigned a "social networking liaison" like 50resto has to respond to paying customers that have issues with parts or service. Each liasion should be in charge of a section dedicated to that particular parts source. I could go on and on... Make me a mod already. :D
  3. I agree with...all of that. I know I haven't been a Member nearly as long as most of these guys, but I'm on quite a few forums and this one is by far the best, but there is definitly room for improvement. Minimum tech posts is a great idea, seeing as you have to sort through, "is this fast", "did I get a good deal", and a million questions that have been answered a thousand times over. I think that's what drives a lot of people out of the tech section. I've learned a TON just from reading on here and it seems to be harder and harder for anything innovative or intelligent to be discussed without some kind of "why does my car idle so high" posts in the way. Maybe the search function needs to be in 72 font :shrug:
  4. I appreciate the leniency Matt, by the way. I understand my first rant was a banable offense, but a lot of guys on here share my feelings.
  5. I don't think it was bannable. Maybe an infraction if I wanted to be a dick, but it would really be a stretch, to ban someone for that. I think I'm going to pull the suggestion posts out of this thread and start its own in the Feedback Area | Testing Zone, about site suggestions/improvements, from the members. - Done.
  6. I agree with all of the above. when I first joined this site the administration was a bit different as its going to be when its moderated by different people. some people have left and others have come to take their place. when I first joined. 5.0 talk was a place to hang out and relax and BS about anything not just mustangs and it was pretty cool. you could speak your peace without threads being removed or censored as long as it was within bounds of the TOS. somewhere along the line the TOS starting being enforced to the " T" almost in a militant way. not sure if its the individual mods or a push from the owner. ok, I can understand that so off we go to the OT section and OT threads are being deleted and called a waste of bandwidth :shrug: I can understand this place not wanting to become one huge dick and fart joke, but some peoples posts are removed and others who make an identical post are allowed to have theirs remain. I'm just rambling here, but this is the biggest change I have seen since I joined. I rarely visit the talk sections these days. I haunt tech and post when I can help, but the lets all have fun and possibly learn something atmosphere has left this place.
  7. only thing i have to complain about is the language thing, and im the one that came up with the build thread idea, of having each build thread, and then having the one stickied with everyones in it, but what bugs me is that people get so off topic on it. some people even in mine (which i dont update half as often as as some do) get off topic and spam it up. when i look through a build thread i want to see the car im looking at, not everyone elses conversation on where there gonna be this weekend. ive even pmed a moderator about cleaning it up ( i cant delete posts) and its never been done, i didnt even get a reply message stating why that mod couldnt. ive sent 2 messages. i realize its allot of work for them if everyone asks to have their thread cleaned up but if we do it one by one it will work. and then plus if we stop getting off topic all the time it wont be so bad.

    edit- also gets old hearing the whos dick is bigger arguments. i live on earth, therfore i hear that every day. many of the people im around have this problem of trying to convince me that their life is so much harder than mine and that they have done more with less adn that the way they did it was better than the way i did it or he/she did it. id like to see a decrease in that also.
  8. If there was a minimum tech post count, there would have to be more policing of posts. As it is now, there are a lot of posts in tech that just end up being "+1" and "OMGROFLBBQ" which are fine now, but obviously if there was a minimum post rule, newbs couldn't be allowed to fill it making posts like that.

    My really only complaint is all the hypocritical opinion nazis that pollute the site. There are definitely a few members over in 5.0 with the attitude of "my opinions are fact and your opinions are fiction, because I'm God's gift to the Mustang world" These people really irritate me much more than the newbs that muck up the forums with questions about timing advance and "how much power will it make" threads, just because they are constantly downing everyone. A lot of times, these same people sneak in condescending personal attacks too, which I don't think have any place in these forums.

    BTW, I know I can be pretty opinionated and bull headed, but I invite anyone to let me know when I'm out of place.

    OK, back to 5.0 Talk... :D

  9. exactly what i was saying.well put.

  10. I do :nice:

    I think i know who your talking about, and i share the same feelings my friend :)
  11. This forum cracks me up sometimes, threads about LSx motors will get locked 95% of the time, but a thread where a guy makes a 1000 word post directly repeating the same thing just to make sure that everytime someone puts that phraze in google it comes up in a search can stay around...

    Some people on here are allowed to have hissy fits, i left this forum for a year or so and when i came back it was getting rediculous, there were a select few guys that were pretty immature and dragging the whole thing down, i think they are slowly weeding themselves out and the last couple months have been alright in my eyes, but its still not what it was when i first joined

  12. when did this happen?
  13. Edit, nevermind, im not gonna start a bunch of useless drama for myself by posting links to it, but i will say that you posted a few times in the thread im talking about

  14. strypes bbk thread
  15. oh. damn im dense. i stopped following that one.
  16. Test

    Test... test.. test.
  17. Is that a suggestion? :shrug: :D
  18. i've got a functionality suggestion:

    how about a revised search tool that can search 2 or 3 letter acronyms? for instance, if i want some info on, say, tko's, it wont search just tko, you have to throw in "swap" or "conversion" or something along those lines, and then you have to dig through pages of "swaps," including engine swaps, harness swaps, t5 swaps, etc. and if youre lucky you find a thread with the info your're looking for by the 5th page of results because it will only search for "swap" instead of "tko swap."