Sizing the T5 input shaft questions

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  1. Aside from the SVO forum, this is likely the best place to ask I figure.

    For any of you 2.3 guys that have done an upgrade T5 swap from the questionable 4cyl box to the V8, how far have you milled the input shaft?

    The shaft I had taken to a local machine shop wasn't milled all the way to the shaft teeth. It's basically tapered on the pilot bearing tip. If you can imagine what a stock V8 shaft tip looks like, the larger inner surface should be something like .791 and the end a .668. I had the end milled to .59 but the shop left the latter half alone at .791 still. The 2.3 exterior sidewall of the crank interior that shaft goes into is only approx .837. So i'f I put the pilot bearing on the .59 surface into the .827 sidewill the tip is OK, but the rest of the shaft at .791 in a .827 hole leaves only a .036 amount of clearance!

    Is this something that I need milled down to .59 or does it even matter?
  2. I think I might have lost some of you guys. Here's a diagram to better explain things.


  3. I highly doubt anyone here has done the swap...

    But, don't you have to take some length off the end of the V8 input shaft as well? I recall it being something like 1/4" longer.

    More than likely it would be safer to just have it milled the rest of the way.
  4. For shaft lengths, the V8 T5 is 7.18 (shorter) but the I4 T5 is 7.41 (longer). The box i'll bolt up will have .23 of clearance lengthwise. It's not an issue.

    I'm a bit surprised that there would be a lack of people here that may have more knowledge on this. I mean, what transmission do people more commonly upgrade the N/A 2.3 to? The M5OD?
  5. From my understanding the only difference between the 4cyl and 8cyl versions was the gear ratios and input shaft. Since our vehicles do not have the torque of the 5.0 the lower ratios help us out. As for upgrades, one thing alot of guys will do is to get the adapter plate so that the 5.0 bellhousing can be bolted to the 2.3 so we can run the 5.0 clutch since there is a much wider selection and they have alot better torque holding ability. Since there really is no worthwhile strength increase by switching to the V8 T5 when someone wants to upgrade to a better transmission they will use the adapter mentioned above and go the same route as the 5.0 guys to a TKO or something along those lines.
  6. I should have mentioned that this is a budget turbo application. I'll be running the stock SVO flywheel for this setup.
  7. Stock SVO flywheel=Same as every other 2.3 T5 flywheel... You asked what upgrades people do, there really isnt a need to upgrade to a V8 T5 unless you want the steeper gears.
  8. very interesting information.

    I would imagine the machining you have done to the input shaft will be fine since it clears the pilot bearing.

    Don't know if you have done it, but if you plan on boosting a significant amount, an 8.8 rear might be a good idea. Not too much work to put it in since you have the 5 speed. I swapped mine over in a few hours. (which insluded putting in a more solid welds on the control arm mounts on the frame of the car, since the axle was out of the way).