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Mar 2, 2018
I have an 03 Mustang in which I have been trying to install a head unit in for over two months. The weather hasn’t been too forgiving in Illinois and either were the owners before my car. It started when I first got it installed, it worked fine up until I started driving to work and then I heard a humming noise. Thinking it was just a lose connection I’d have to fix later, I waited till after work to turn it on....and nothing no power. So I took it apart again and found a cigarette lighter hardwiring kind of deal, and then an acc wire tapped into my fuse panel. Didn’t think I needed them because I bypassed them the first time. I removed those extra add-ons
the owners before had a red (acc) wire wrapped around fuse 37 which I believe is the stereo. Putting all that aside, I knew there was some janky bs involved and I didnt wanna make things worse than they already were. So then i took it by the nearest geek squad (62) miles away. All he managed to do in an an hour was re-crimp the factory harness that was cut. And pretty the mess up ig. But instead of fixing my problem, he stole my fuses and robbed me of $80 for something I could’ve done myself. I exchanged my stereo thinking it could be faulty, it works when I connected directly to my battery. What do I do? Should I go back to the acc fuse tap idea or what? Maybe run a new ground directly from my negative battery terminal to the stereo?
It’s also hooked up to a sub that hasn’t been working. All things aside, what can I do that’s possible for making this stereo run with no faults whatsoever? Please help. Anything is appreciated.


wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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Welcome to stangnet, I understand your frustration on the geek guy so I slid this over to the sound and shine forums to get you some help, I will admit, I have not heard of ska', had to google it, I'll check it out later.


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I'd rewire the whole damned thing.

It's not too difficult to isolate the speaker wires from all the others. After that, you can run a new power, new ground, and new remote wire, fused and properly connected and terminated. You may even want to create a power and ground bus for ALL of your stereo equipment. Put the amp on those same busses.

There's no telling the amount of :poo: you could find in there. It's best to rip it out and do it right. Leave it in the "OFF" mode until you get time to address it properly.