Slammin' Hondas

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  1. I guess I'm just not hip anymore and don't understand what the deal is behind this. :shrug:

    Someone please tell me, that when I see these cars slammed to the ground with their tires tilted in no less than 10-15 degrees, is this how they drive around? If so, wouldn't that be extremely bad on the tires, suspension, and axles?

    I don't know, maybe I just don't get it. :(
  2. They're ricers. Really only ricers can understand ricers. A rational mind cannot follow their thought.
  3. yeah... vinyl adds HP... so do those stickers and watching "The Rice And The Ridiculous" while driving... real smart buddy =P
  4. You've got the name all wrong. It's "The gay and the curious".
  5. :stupid: It's's so very true.
  6. What really get me is when I see one of those monster wings on the back of a Sunfire/Cavalier????? :rolleyes:
  7. i can just see how some of these wings would add more drage than they could EVER make up in downforce...
  8. It's a HONDA dude! You obviously dont understand the freakin awesome enginnering the japanese put into those cars...things that normally would reduce performance from an american or european car INCREASES that of a japanese car! They are soooo awesome because I hooked this one civic at work up to my dyno machine (Rice-O-Meter 2000) and that thing was pushing a good 300 hp at the flywheel, then man I put on one more little sticker and that shot up to 350!!! Then he bolted on this 4 foot wing, and the amount of downforce that thing added was INCREDABLE!!! I mean I know this would really slow any american or european pos car down but it gave this civic an extra 200 hp! I mean this car could win a nascar race! As is! :rlaugh: (im tired and its late lol)
  9. you cant really seem really into your side stripes and bumper inserts :rolleyes:
  10. Well, side stripes and bumper inserts are one thing, but huge vinyls all the way down the side of your car is another. Sidestripes and inserts I usually don't even notice unless they are pointed out by someone, but when a canary yellow ricer car goes by with neon green vinyls...well...there's just no missing that........unfortunately. :notnice:
  11. When they "cut", or "heat" the springs on their crap cars the caster/camber gets thrown to the wind. When you take a chunk out of the spring without the proper kit, the degree of the control arm is raised.

    Just hold your arm flat in front of you, keeping your elbow in one spot, and raise your hand a few dergees, you will see very quickly what happens to their ride. That is why the top of the wheels are all jacked inward.

    They want a drop so they do it the cheapest possible way. Also you will notice that they bounce like a mother.

    And yes it is horrible on their suspension, but shhh. don't tell them that.:nice:

    They think their car looks cool that way, just point an laugh next time.
  12. Nothing wrong with that. :rolleyes:
  13. Back to the big wings....

    ....on FWD cars????? If the wing is effective will it not reduce their traction because it should push the rear end down????
    OK on a 'Stang or other RWD car that gets more weight onto the driving wheels, so shouldn't the FWD guys puts those honking big wings on their hoods? :D
  14. In theory, yes. In riceland, no.
  15. I consider anyone who fakes looking fast and thinking they are as ricers. Also *******s that do ricer fly-bys and rev at stop lights to minivans (or cars way outta their leauge). Stickers are retarded on car unless its a drag car promoting the parts it has (or some advertising along those lines).

    Wings generally don't do anything at speed these types of cars we're talking about can achieve. Wings only help downforce at triple digit speeds and few ricers can get faster that that due to speed limiter on their car installed by the factory.

    That means a ricer could be a Honduh, or a Mitsuwishi, or a Nissin, or a TOYota, or a Chevy (cavalier), even a Mercury (topaz). I've seen some riced out Fucus's

    Sadly rice may even be a Mustang owner boys and girls. There's actually one in my town. Its a 99 auto V6. He has a lip kit (front and rear) that only covers part of OEM bumpers. Yes It actually hangs off the factory stuff. He also has side skirts that fortuantely relpace the factories and don't hang off them (although there is nothing wrong with the factory parts). By the way, this stuff is all primer gray on a Rio Red car. He has the retarded looking 5" exhaust tip, reducing sound to leaf blower status. Stickers on the glass and a big ass Pony decal on the doors. Altezzas (why would anyone get rid of those beautiful OEM taillights?) that look like ****, 3 sets of fog lights (cause 3 crappy pairs from wal-mart = 1 good pair?), a big pony decal on the back windshield, chrome grille and side scoop inserts, ****ty ass ugly 19" Image rims. Then to ruin the interior he "painted" his dash trim and door trim white (to go oh-so good with the blue neons under the car I just remembered). also those retared autozone neon glowing shift knobs? Check. When he wants to show off, he neutral drops it to simulate free-revving his engine, which is stock except for a cold air intake and he cut a hole in his hood grille to get a ram air effect (which is cancelled in my mind by the grille insert). Now that is all show and no go if I ever heard it. Its fugly and a tragic day for Mustang. I can't wait till he gets enough money for a Triple Decker spiler to add 400lbs of downforce at 80 mph. With all the junk he has on his car, he could have full front end suspension kit or an IRS or a moderately modded V6 with nitrous maybe. What a waste. Its sad because he bought the car new and asked me how to make it faster (we used to work together). I gave him a legit list to increase hp. I guess he was satisfied with a filter... some people.
  16. View attachment 521838
    OH NOES!?
    (for sale on ebay, i found it by looking for "FR500" in relation to a dif thread)
  17. are you getting at that you like or dislike this car?, besides the badging, i think its a pretty sharp lookin car. the cobra R wing is a lil showy, but i dont think its that bad...
  18. lol, yeah, i like it alot, but the badging.... grr... and it just so happens that the badging kinda matches the colors and stuff =D
    just because someone throws on some cobra emblems or something, doesnt make that cobra front bumper or hood look any worse, lol =D
  19. while we are looking at this car...have any of you guys thought of putting hood pinds on your cars?, i think they look REALLY cool, but is it too much for a 6? they are cheap enough...
  20. if you like them, go for it, thats how it should be...! personally, yes, i like them as well, at it would add some more contrast to my car (Chrome/silver hood pins on a green/blue car... yum)
    I read they are recomended for fiberglass hoods, one can assume carbon fiber aswell for them ricers/extremely weight concsious people(like pro drag...)
    also, if they're are different styles, which ones look the best etc.

    Edit- So i am looking on ebay, and i find these "Just For look" Pins (you glue them on.. or maybe 3m tapewould work who knows)... i guess someone might be interested in these, i think if i did them i would go all the way with em' lol, with that said, i am not going to do them