Slammin' Hondas

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  1. was there any reason you put the kit on before having the money to paint it. wouldnt this put the kit at further risk? after all, what happens if you crack it before you get it painted? i see this all too often, and it is really a shame, money wasted, luckily most of those kits are cheapies around here, so i dont feel nearly so bad.
    one of my friends has a MK III Golf , i dont know the year, but its obviousely a mark 3, it is blue, lowered to the ground with what apears to be a new front bumper, and he cant even get into his driveway (it starts as a lip from the road) because his car is so low... i dont want to know what would happen if there was some roadkill in the street... you would have to swerve around it or break out the disinfectant soap!?
    Edit: Forgot to mention his car is pretty tricked out, asides from the lowering and stuff. It has a VR6 conversion, many suspension upgrades, sturt braces and towers and all that good stuff all over the car (including full roll cage+racing seats), about 8 gauges all over the place... lol, i drove with him once, hes worse than me on the throttle... psycho...
    It has some light weight black 5 spoke rims, kinda fugly, and these blue taillights, interesting. One thing that stands out to me as odd, its lowered so much that the wheels sit WITHIN wheel wells (you cant see the very top of the tread...) and just barely dont rub, i sure as hell hope those braces are enough to keep his 'body roll' to a minumum so the tires dont hit the side of the car X_X
  2. It would probably be worse to crack it AFTER it's painted.
    At least if it's not painted, you can still repair the fiberglass before you spend the money on paint.
  3. also true, but if you are driving around waiting for the money, then you wouldnt have the kit waiting for paint anyhow, and might crack your stock bumper/nothing because its no nearly low enough
  4. see what i did when i ordered my kit was primer the entire car, i did it right also, by sanding it all down first, one reason, i dont like seeing painted cars unpainted kit, fugly

    i have a car that RARELY gets modded

    toyota corolla

    another reason, i have alot of body work to do, since i am limited on funds, but not ideas i do it all myself, i put Z3 fenders on my car, first i aquired fiberglass ones, they didnt fit right, so what i did was, cut the Z3 part out of the fiberglass, and cut a hole in my stock fenders, and molded it in
    it came out like this
    View attachment 521574

    ive entered 3 car shows ( underconstruction), since i started work on it 4 months ago ( finally got a good paying job )

    i got 2nd at the first one, local baltimore show
    1st at Teckademics Impstar at Budds Creek
    and i took
    2nd at Nopi Nationals in altanta

    i wasnt expecting to place at nopi since i was against every type of car out of asia except honda/acura, total of about 200 cars in the class

    but looks isnt all im going for, i have another motor sitting at a friends house that im going to rebuild with stronger internals, and eventually turbo it, in hopes of close to 350 hp, and running prolly a low12 high 11

    stock i ran a 16.8 but it should have been closer to a 15 since i misshifted on a 1.5 second reaction time

    let me stop acting like a ricer and teling you what im doing, and just see the results of everything

    if you look near the bottom of the text, youll see what body work i have to do

    keep in mind the fenders were the first fiberglassing i did, the molded rear and filled roof, was help from a friend
  5. woah, pretty brave, with the whole Z3 fenders thing, could have easily ended up in have 2 sets of useless fenders! lol
    props, atleast it will be a complete job. before those pics, some seriouse vacuuming was needed... lol. I tend to keep everything immaculate inside and out on my car =D
    (nothing lieing around or stuff, i even keep my rear seatbelts uniform and buckeled... yeah im weird)
    and those are some mean looking rims on that tricycle...
  6. yeah it needed cleaning then, im usually the same way with my car, being clean, those pics of the interior were taken right after i reinstalled everything

    if you noticed, the entire interior was out of the car at one point, the headliner got replaced, and i dyed everything, well its supposed to be a dye but the promotor sucked