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  1. This morning for the first time in 26K miles there was a loud slapping sound coming from in the dash...about 6-10 slaps at a rate of about 2/sec....???????? ...with or without the climate system on. It sounds like a blend door motor gear with missing teeth. Anyone experience this?
  2. Car was in motion all 3 occurrences so I don't know if it could be heard outside. It did it with fan/AC on and with it off. It was very loud and sounded like it was coming from the passenger foot well. I later went out, turned the engine on and exercised all the climate control options repeatedly. I just came back from some errands and again exercised the climate control with all options as I was driving. No slapping.

    I suppose something just got hung crossways. It was very wet this morning so maybe it was related to that in some way...????
  3. One morning 2 weeks ago I cranked the car and it sounded like my blend doors were doing a dance! I thought I'd better take it in immediately which I did. It turned out to be the blend door actuator. The dealer's labor charge on the warranty was $60, so it must have been super easy to replace...