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  1. I just got my first car its a stock 2000 mustang V6 and its got a few minor things that need to be done to it ,but in the end i want it to be a sleeper so any ideas on anything? Im just fixing the little things then i wanna start buying parts. I'm thinking about building it backwards like from brakes/suspension- rebuilding my engine. I'm open for any suggestions.
  2. Everyone is going to have different opinions so here is my 2cents as I have 2000 3.8 as well. I have a friend that is an expert on the topic at He has basically told me to save the money and swap everything out and put a 4.2 in engine, training and electrical for about 5000.00. In the short term to a few mods to the air intake, tune-up, exhaust and get a computer flash tune. Unfortunately I am just modding mine from the exterior inward. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  3. What's your definition of a "sleeper"
  4. No way would I spend $5000 to upgrade from the 3.8 to a 4.2. I have a 2000 5 speed car. The only mods are Cold air intake and Magnaflow cat back. It's not fast, but not slow. If you really want to make it a sleeper I'd put a turbo on it. Here is a short video of my car 0-60 with the few mods I have on it.

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  5. well i also wont have to pay for labor im doing everything (yes i have access to a full shop and i know what im doing)
  6. wow dude thats really cool , that exhaust sounds per -fect! i dont know much about magnaflows , just that i cant afford them. ive never seen a v6 hit 60 that fast , is it because its manual ? cause ive never even gotten my rpms past 4000 i dont think and thats with the overdrive off , mines a 95 mustang 3.8 , did they upgrade the 3.8 in 1999 cause i thought our cars only had 145 hp stock
  7. Concerning the exhaust i got straight pipes with no mufflers on mine just left my stock cats and manifolds and i think my car sounds pretty good for a simple change. but everyone has a different opinion...
  8. mine sounded pretty cool too,just my thought though , i had mac h pipe and white box flowmasters ,just a thought. ...? sleeper what about super coupe setup
  9. I'd probably agree a turbo would be your best bet. I remember a video of a turbo'd 2000 V6 and it moved pretty well, and you may even be able to beat some GM fanboys.

    If you're going to rebuild the whole engine then definitely switch to forged everything (piston rods and the like) and then you can put a bigger turbo on it. I think I read somewhere that the V6's stock internals can handle about 300+ horses, and have read some that put out more. Swap out your innards and you should have a really good setup.

  10. defiantly put a cold air intake and just do all the simple things but with after market parts,plug and wires, headers, throtle body, carbon fiber body parts. I think you will be impressed i did all that to mine and more and its pretty quick, its not a cobra but it'sm not a dog. smokes the 90's v6 camaro"s. I like that :D

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  12. whats this supposed to mean NotSureIfSerious.jpg [/quote]

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  13. I put a CAI and Straight pipes on my v6. Than I put 4.10s in the rear end and than tuned my car so all the parts can work together. my car does not ride like a v6 anymore. But if you wanna go big buy a supercharger or turbo.
  14. That's an impressive 0-60, looked like around 6 seconds.

    And as for the OP, turbooooooo. massive. turbo. Then it'll be a sleeper, just don't let it spool up on the road to where it can be heard. Then put a massive sticker on your rear window that says 'v6' ;)

    Edit: oh, right, forgot the v6 mustang forums have no pulse...

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