Slept in the Stang last night....

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  1. I spent the night at a friends house last night, but they had alot of company, so they ran out of beds. My only option was the floor, so I decided to just sleep in the stang instead for $hits and giggles. My friend brought me out a couple of warm blankets and a pillow, and it actually wasn't too bad. I just folded down the back seats and slept in the hatch. :D There's actually a decent amount of room back there with the seats down; not very tall because of the back glass, but there's room to strech out. Of course I suppose it's a little more comfortable for me than most other people as I'm only 5'9 and 140 pounds. :p

    Anyone else ever get into a pinch and have to sleep in the car?
  2. i think its safe to say im way to scared to do that. yup i'm still afraid of the boogy man. would fit me perfect though, im like 5' 4". and maybe a buck 25
  3. dang, a bunch of twigs in here.
    I am 6'0 @ 195lbs :D
    I don't think I would be so comfortable when I woke up the next morning. :shrug:
  4. im 6'6/7 and 212 lbs, and i can lay back there semi comfortably, but i would need a sleeping bag or something under me. too hard ;P
  5. Once way back when I had the back seat out of my '90, I had a couple hours to kill so I was snoozing in the back of my car, with the driver's seat tilted forward and I was leaning against the back of it with my feet up on the hatch floor. Actually was pretty comfortable.
  6. slept in my truck many times.... Mostly in the bed, we'd go out hunting and fishing, camping etc.... I lay a sleeping back in the bad of my truck, it's actually very very comfortable, me and the little woman sleep back there with no problem... little squeeky in the middle of the night if things "happen" and it's hard to get away with, with others around , gotta get those shocks fixed (One litteraly has a hole in it (Framed out,was driving like an idiot off road and banged a tree root)) plus shes' pretty loud and that doesnt help with others around... AANNNYYY WAYS, I've also done some traveling with a buddy of mine, and we have slept in the truck, (driver and passeneger seat) for 2 nights in a row, truck is much bigger inside than my stang was.... (Supercab)
  7. i could sleep in the stang but i would not know which end to put my head. the hatch end would be to low and not so comfortable but if i put my head inside the car then my feet are too tall (when laying down) to fit between the closed hatch and floor. I have layed back there before, but never slept. But as they say.. You can sleep in your car but you cant race your house.

  8. i've laid down in the back of the stang before but i wasnt sleeping...... :D
  9. LOL man its cramped enough back there without trying to get it on! fun times for sure.... :nice:
  10. Here in so cal, summer nights, leave the hatch open and lay your gun next to your pillow, plenty of space that way....well except now the nitrous bottle is in the way..*thinking of better place to mount
  11. Im 6'4" and about 260lbs at the time and I slept in back of my 86LX. I had blankets and a pillow and it was fairly comfortable. Not something I want to do too often though. Head by hatch so feet could lay over center console.
  12. I'm 5'7'' @ 150lbs, I've never slept in my stang 'cause it's a notchback.. so.. dunno.. space is limited in a notch.. lol
  13. I never had any problems. The svo is the only hatch that I own but there is plenty of room for me 5'10"/135 and amanda X'XX"/XXXlbs. :p
  14. My sub box takes up all of my back seat
  15. I've slept in my Hatchback Stang a few times many years ago. I fit in it pretty good. Just needed a blanket. I pulled over at a rest stop and put some newspaper in the side window and hung a sheet over the seat tops and it was pretty private. For the rear hatch window I put some newspaper together and taped it up. Real cozy.
  16. damn you guys slept in the back? I just slept in one of the front seats many times.
  17. I slept in the back seat of my Vert a few times, put a pillow on one of the top supports, and put my legs on a folded foward seat, fell right asleep, but my neck didnt like it when I woke up :nonono:
  18. very funny hahaha
  19. The hatch of an 86 Corolla is way roomier with the seats down.


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  20. you know how the saying goes... "you can sleep in your race car but you can't race your house" :nice: