Sloppy steering help

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by crazeinc, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, I just picked up a '78 Ford Fairmont. I know these are stang boards, but they share the same chassis. My steering wheel has a lot of slop in it (you can turn in a few inches from center in either direction without it moving the wheels). Is this an adjustment at the steering box, or something else?

  2. if tie rods look decent, i would think that the box is just worn (is it rack and pinion or worm/gear, etc?
    id jack the front end up and grab a wheel and see if there is slop (easier if somone holds the wheel). also check the u joint in the steering linkage.

    might have better luck in one of the older car forums here.
    thats the best i got. good luck.
  3. Haha....they said to come back over here. But I'll take a look at some of this stuff.
  4. check out the manual rack which is what i'm guessing you have. and also the steering shaft could have some wore out joints. but i'd go towards a worn out rack. tie rod ends could be junk also.
  5. it's actually a power steering rack. I asked a few other places and it looks like I need to replace the rack and tie rods.

  6. If you're going high perf with your car you might want to think about getting the Flaming River steering kit. It's a new rack and pinion, steering shaft with rag joint and maybe the tie rod ends. About $400.
  7. what's the advantages of using an aftermarket rack?