Progress Thread Slow Boat To China

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  1. Sounds like you really wanna go for a sleeper look
  2. Hah no. I don't care what it looks like. I just want a stock hood because I hate having to look over/around a cowl. All the parts I would like to use have been in use on 9 sec and faster combos that are very reliable, and that's what I'm worried about.

    And besides, the narrowed rear end and roll cage give away the secret hahaha
  3. PSH roll cage? Oh you mean my coat hanger lol thats what you gotta tell them
  4. If I can fit a flat stock hood on mine then you should have no trouble at all.. I can't find a flat fiberglass hood for my 84 otherwise it would be on my car. I can't in good faith keep the steel hood. The stock flat hood look is where it's at IMO!
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  5. Reason hath prevailed. Spent this month's engine budget money on a Wolfe Racecraft 8 to 10 point cage conversion. Now I can tie the front end to the cage and call the chassis work done.

    I wont have the cam for a couple of weeks anyway, so may as well keep things rolling (pun?) while the engine collects dust. May try my hand at a light port/ polish job on the heads if I get bored.

    Hoping to be home this weekend. This is day 22 of a 10-14 day trip. FML.
  6. I was about to come in here and wipe the cobwebs off haha why you out there a week longer then your supposed to?
  7. Because its a BP project. BP does not stand for "Brilliant Planning" or "Bright People." We've wasted an easy 4 days just waiting on instructions of what to do. I could go on, but the main reason is lack of organization and planning. And for a boat that is ~$100k a day to charter, its a bit ridiculous. I'm done with offshore work. They can have it.

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  8. That sucks azz
  9. Carmax is hiring.

    Always,..... hiring.
  11. I was joking,....Carmax is always hiring. They'd hire you if you were dead.
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  12. Hahah wellll....

    My project will likely be in a sloooow if not pause mode after this next round home. Going to Puerto Rico in July with the girlfriend and hope that she will return as my fiance. I mean, she's already told me she'll marry me, but I still gotta do the whole "one knee" thing.

    With that said, a vacation and the ring have been hoovering all of my spare cash. Buying that cam and cage was dumb, but I have to have something to play with when I get home right??? I've even thought about selling the engine and trans and just keeping the roller for a while, but then I slapped myself.

    Please don't let me sell the engine.

    I do have an intake and cam/springs from my 408 build that I'd like to part with. Anybody willing to help finance my engagement will be doing me a HUGE favor :hail:
  13. Only if I get to get on one knee in your place haha
  14. bold words not having seen what you're kneeling in front of hahahaha
  15. Ughhh OK nevermind hahaha
  16. Pictures of the girlfriend are required. We can make a skilled decision as to you keeping her or the car after that. I say you stay with one or the other ;)

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  17. And just remember one never ****es at you and let's you ride her as hard as you can give it to her
  18. I won't comment, but.... No no I just won't comment hahaha. I'll put a picture up later
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  19. I love my Mustangs, but the cars can't do that thing my wife does... ;)
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