Progress Thread Slow Boat To China

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  1. Ever seen the video of the Mercury Mistress? :nice:
  2. Go on?
  3. You mean things like spend all of your money? My car costs exactly zero dollars to sit in the garage untouched while my wife (ex) costs me alimony every month!
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  5. The horizontal stripes are quite flattering on you. What a stud. Ow ow!

    Congrats on your pending engagement. Hope the proposal goes as you plan it!
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  6. She's a cutie. Who is the bone head? :rlaugh:
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  8. I hear ya. But in addition to "that thing my wife does", I also benefit financially from being with her, so I guess I sort of have a unique situation.

    ^^cute chick. Way to go.
  9. So the roll cage was backordered. Apparently they hired a new guy and he bent like 50 door bars wrong so they had to redo a lot of it hahahaha

    The cam shipped, should be here tomorrow

    Aaaand I bought the ring. Hello ramen noodle diet.
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  10. Pushed the car our of the garage to sweep under it yesterday. I'd post pics of the progress, buuuut....

    I did get the roll cage this weekend and the cam came in the mail. Since I bought the ring, my bank account consists of a few coins and some pocket lint. Sigh. I need a tubing notcher so I can finish the fab work. No haz monies :(
  11. Im still alive I promise, just offshore. Spent two weeks on a boat with no internet and now Im on this thing about to install a platform:

    The pics don't do it justice though. Google 'Balder' and see what comes up. This thing is a floating city.

    When/if I get back home it wont be for long until I leave for vacation to propose. My poor car would feel abandoned if it had feelings I bet.
  12. I basically tell them exactly where to put it. the spec on this job is a few feet, which isn't as bad as I was thinking it would be.

    We just finished up a pile driving job for a platform in 7,000' of water and all 16 piles were within .2°
  13. I was almost about to pull the trigger on the rest of the motor parts I needed, but decided a Go Pro was a better purchase.It'll be here in time for my vacation and figure it'd be cool to have on the zip line, right?

    At any rate, my short block is getting dropped off this week to get some cam bearings installed, but I haven't decided if I should just let him do the mains and rods while he's at it. I could/should do them myself to save money, buuuuuuut.... Meh.

    Then I gotta buy a tubing notcher and get crackin on the roll cage and re-making the front end...I am determined to get this thing together sooner than later.

    I will update this with car content soon, I promise!!! I've been offshore 8 of the past 12 weeks :mad: I plan on taking 6 off.
  14. Good news!

    - Scored a 5 gallon fuel cell w/ AN fittings and straps for $60.

    - The guy who bought my 2.5" tubing from the Hoopty Build didn't really use any of it, so Im buying it back. Still have the T-6 flange for the turbo and DP tubing as well, so I have a complete hot side minus a couple V band clamps and a flex coupling.

    - Not gonna bother w/ rod and main bearings. Can't lose sight of the fact that this is a junkyard motor and a budget build. Im only doing the cam bearings b/c I bought a nice (used) cam and would rather not trash it immediately. Some of you may grimace at this, but it is what it is. If it sh!ts itself, I'll get another short block and be back in business in a few hours.

    Today is day 34 of a 35 day trip, and that's good news since Im about 24 hours from losing my mind of boredom.

    ***Edit - Also just ordered LS9 head gaskets, PAC1218 valve springs, and head studs.
  15. ***Updated cost list***

    Body - $900 - $750 (part out) = $150
    rear end, coilovers, wheels/tires, k member, brakes $2k
    Control arms, ARB $120
    K member, spare wheels $950
    90/10s $185
    tubs $130
    front end (pipe/tube) $200
    Engine $950
    TH400 $100
    LS6 intake $200
    Used cam $250 $275
    studs $70 66.95
    HGs $134 100.97
    Springs $180 139.95
    Fuel cell $60
    2.5" tubing $150?

    Grand total $5777.87
  16. The LS swaps are cool but just think of how long the push rod Windsors got us going fast. It funny to think of how ford basically pioneered ohc scene but the 5.0 is still pretty hot. Stock 5.0 + turbo = fast as hell. Its all good brother. Whatever floats your boat.
  17. OHC or OHV 5.0? OHC is well outta my budget, and if you're referring to strapping a turbo on a pushrod 302 and seeing what it'll do, well... that question has been answered many times over, and its no longer impressive. Why?

    Simple. For the pittance of a budget I have in this motor's purchase and parts (~$1500) Im going to be making 7-800 HP with eventual goals of shooting for 4 digits - on a stock bottom end. The simple fact is that these motors are D I R T C H E A P and the amount of power it takes to make them cry uncle is still a grey area. In previous pages, I linked to a video of a fox going 8.56 with a stock bottom end LS, and it's easily repeatable.

    Im just hoping to get my point fully across here. I love Ford anything* but our beloved little 5.0 just can't handle what I want to do. For the $10k ill have in this entire car with the motor I chose, it's gonna move out in a hurry. That's it. Cheap, fast, and reliable**

    *If a Dart block was dirt cheap, you bet yer hind parts this thread would be 100% Ford based
    **results may vary.
  18. Not sure if this is a pun or not. But either way, there's 3000' of water under my boat as we speak. :nice:
  19. Man keep coming back tp this hoping to see some pics and nothing wtf man! Lol