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  1. I knowww! I'm waiting for the helicopter as I type this to go back to NOLA then catch a plane
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  2. Have a safe trip haha
  3. I dropped my s/b off today for cam bearings. Does $500 seem high to y'all? I was thinking 2-300
  4. Even 200.00 seems high to me,.....

    But then again, it's been like. . . . . . . . 4 years since I've even had an engine with cam bearings.

    Maybe I'm not the best to comment on this subject.:shrug:
  5. Was the block bare, or did he have to rear it down? Old school guy here in town did my block: bored and honed, decked, new freeze plugs and cam bearings; all for $300.

    Now, he is a special case. Been in business for as long as I have been alive. His outlook was this: all my equipment and shop is paid for, what am I charging for? He came highly recommended as well.

    But yes, that seems like a lot, especially if it was a bare block. If he is tearing down and rebuilding, then maybe not so much.

  6. Had the rotating assy. still in in it, but still... All I asked for was cam bearings. Seems a bit high. Im going to call another place on monday and see what they say. I dont wanna pay that kind of money for cam bearings. I know its a PITA to put in, but still.

    And for MikeH686 I got a bunch of parts in the mail, but nothing worth postings pics of yet. Really cant do much until I get the engine back.
  7. After the tubing bender fiasco in the other thread, I've got better things to report. I found a highly recommended shop to do cam bearings for under $100. Although now, I have to bring him the bare block. So after pulling a main cap, it needs mains anyway. But replacing all the engine bearings is still going to be well under the $500 quoted at the first shop.

    I just have to suck it up and buy a real tubing bender now. Fawq.
  8. So.

    I cruise the local mustang club forum classifieds regularly and today found an '85 coupe shell/roller. I've got the trailer hooked up and will be leaving soon. If it all checks out, Ill simply swap all my crapola over to this body.

    BUT WHY?
    1) cheaper than buying a $600+ bender Ill use once or twice
    2) it's a 4 eye coupe.

    ....And no, I wont butcher it.

    Hopefully the 1.5 hour one-way drive is fruitful and I can post some pics of the score later tonight.

    On the LS front, I picked up my block today with new cam bearings ($61) and will be re-assembling the motor this week since the fiance is out of town. Should be some much needed action in this thread this week.
  9. So how was your swim from your offshore oasis
  10. Short thank to the helicopter ride, haha. Got home the 26th of June, home for a few days, vacation in the Dominican Republic for a week and now on to this:


    It's an '85 coupe, clean, clean, clean (read: no rust or damage) 4 cyl car with associated parts. Despite pouring its ass off, we got it loaded on the trailer. It is so light that me and the guy I bought it from pulled it on the trailer with a rope with minimal effort. For $750 with a clean TX title, I couldnt say no.


    So now Im a multi-fox family. The ol' lady isn't sure about it, but I promised her its cheaper in the big picture.

    I just cant decide if I want to swap all the 4 cyl parts on to the '87 and sell it as a roller, or part it and scrap the shell. Input?
  11. How nuch to swap it all over? Anymore then a few nights labor its not worth it
  12. Aside from cutting out the tubs and such, I can do it all today I think. The fiance is out of town so I can work well into the night. But the labor doesnt bother me. It's a body style Id much rather have so I cant really put a value on it.
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  13. That's a cool lookin' coupe. Would be a fun project!
  14. Today I assembled the motor just short of putting the heads on. I need to swap the springs and don't have the tool, so it's off to my buddy's shop in the morning.

    I just opened beer #2 and am debating on putting both cars on stands and swapping front suspensions. The only one here is my lab Luke and he's not much help.

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  15. I managed to pull the front end off the '87 buuuuuut..... Since there is nothing on the front end of that car right now, it would make it incredibly easy to fab up some motor mounts. Guess Ill bolt it back on in tomorrow and get to work on some mounts.... After I swap the spring and finish the motor assembly.

    I tried to do a time lapse video of me putting the engine together today, but was a major fail in the editing department. Gonna keep playing with it. Anyone with experience in this area, feel free to chime in.
  16. Oh man, 4-eye coupe with an LS... :drool:

    It's almost a shame to build something ratty at this point. That coupe would look reeeeal nice with a good coat of paint on it. :D
  17. I agree. This car changes things, and it needs a whole lotta help inside as much as out. I think I'm going to do like Scott (raceoholic) and build it all then strip it down and make it pretty. The 87 was too much of a s hit box, even for me.
  18. Got some work done today -

    Began by degreasing the heads, VCs, and lifter valley cover. If you've never used Bleche-White, you should start. It's amazing stuff; even tried to remove the skin from my fingers.

    Then I swapped valve springs:


    Here's the stock vs the upgrade (more on that later):


    And here she is, ready for battle....maybe:
    *Edit - I assure you it's really clean. I did a lot of scrubbing, the light is just hitting it odd.


    I'd have to say that of this progress, Im most happy about having a clean/open workspace again.


    And then it hit me -

    The popular LS swap upgrades are PAC 1218 springs, studs, and LS9 head gaskets. Tried and true, proven to work. I figured I'd take it 1 step further and add in a turbo cam. Why not, right?

    ....It wasn't until AFTER I completed assembly that I remembered these springs are only good for .600 lift.

    The cam? .610 lift.
  19. Also - NIKwoaC - I was talking with a buddy about paint colors tonight and I saw something odd on google. It seems that 98% of the 4 eye cars that come up in images are hatches. Are 4 eye coupes really that rare?

    And we decided on calypso, but reef blue is a close second.
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  20. Oh yea, 4 eye coupes are very rare, especially compared to aero coupes. The last clean 4 eye coupe I saw in person was probably over 2 years ago.