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  1. @84Ttop @Sharad do y'all have torque box reinforcements, or are they just welded up?
  2. I have the wild rides s box upper mounts in mine along with fully welded lowers and another sneaky little trick. I cut a pocket into the lower frame rail and weld in a 2x2x1/4 square washer tying the torque box and LCD bolt into the frame rail. After I'm done I weld the pocket back up and it looks rather factory.
  3. I should add that the lowers are boxed and plated across the back as well
  4. "welding thin sheet metal is fun." - said nobody, ever.

    Welded my tubs tonight. It wasn't fun the first time or the second. But I'm that much closer to the fun stuff - the turbo system. Hopefully by the end of the week Ill have something going in that department.
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  5. When I get around to putting the trunk floor back in, Can it be removable for easy access to the tank/suspension for adjustments and such? Is there an NHRA rule that would disallow that?

    I was thinking of adding some cross pieces for support, then having a 16ga sheet metal piece with a rubber gasket all the way around, held in place with sheet metal screws every inch or two. That way, I could adjust the ARB, control arms, swap fuel pump(s), etc without having to put it on jacks and such. Bad idea?
  6. My .02 cents,
    I would prefer to have the back welded up solid to keep smoke, water and road dirt/grime out of the back of my car. Buy a fuel pump to support your expected hp and stick with it. It becomes very expensive to own almost every weldon pump they make, don't ask me how I know.... As far as suspension goes, set it and forget it. Adjust the pinion angle, anti roll bar, set the preload and rock it. The only adjustment I make is with the shocks and that is easily accessible from under the car.
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  7. Touchdown.

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  8. Is this the car that is getting the LS?

    For some reason,..I'm thinking that you are building two cars. Are you?
  9. Nope, just the '85. Sold the green 87 for $300.
  10. Hows it feel to be on four wheels?
  11. Great, actually. I'm happy with how it sits. In fact, I'll whore it out a little more now that I was able to upload some more pics....




    So on to the next order of business - the cage. I got these plates from Wolfe when I got the 10pt conversion:


    They're 3"x6"x1/8". Is there an NHRA requirement for what the mounting plates need to be? Im sure there is, just dont know what. Wanna be sure before I get after the welding again tomorrow.
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  12. Ok...I'm confused - NHRA rules state that I have to have 6"x6"x1/8" plates welded to the floor to weld the cage to. Somehow I ended up with 3x6 plates.

    Which brings the next question - Can I weld 2 plates together? @84Ttop
  13. I got on YB and asked about the plates. One comment says its ok to use a couple plates since it'll help conform to the floor better... Waiting for more definitive response.

    Also - I called Circle D last week about building a trans. $3-4k.... Uhh plan B??? My buddy has a 351w/76mm combo with a TH400. He got a newer one and gave me the one from his car for $250. Has a transgo shift kit and some good clutches in it and held up really well in his car. I think the 400 I have has sold for $100, so basically I got a great trans for $150. Shazam. Now I just need an $825 convertor.
  14. I'm no NHRA tech,..but I think I'd prefer two smaller plates and weld them so that I could get the bar as close to the sides/back w/o having to bend 1/8" plate at a 90.
  15. So as long as its 36 sq in, Im good, no matter the shape?

    Guess I have some searching to do on google
  16. Again, tech here. Isn't that google-able.
  17. You're a SN Certified Tech, you're supposed to know this!!:mad:

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  18. Yeah,....well don't blame me when you build a car based on my "tech rule book" and can't get into Houston's local NHRA track.

    A SN certified tech is just like an A.S.E. certified tech.:rolleyes:

    Only with out the A,..or the E.

    I still don't know what the N stands for.....................

  19. I personally only have used a single plate. Is this a 6,8,10 point? If it is a 10 point and going to be certified your best bet is to call and ask your tech inspector. This is cheap insurance and most of them are happy to answer a few small questions before the ride out waste there day and fail your chassis cert. If it is a 6 or 8 point I see no reason not to just weld the two plates together.
  20. its a 10 pt, looking for 8.50 cert