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  1. "I had to turn on the a/c last night". I think I dislike you :(
  2. I wish Mother Nature would turn the AC up outside so we could get some Damn Snow:fuss: ! Tough to snowmobile without it!

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  3. Well I meant to start the surgery today, but the 99 has been a jealous biatch. Had to fix a hellacious oil leak and with the parts I've sold off the fox, Ive bought all the A/C stuff for the 99 and some 315 NT05 DRs. I CANT WAIT to drop the clutch with those meats and 460 whp eat lunch.

    Gonna try and do some work on the fox tomorrow.
  4. Continuing with the sloppy seconds theme, I snagged these for a cool $120 this morning:


    I got caught up cleaning out the garage this morning and haven't touched the car. I have made most of my money back parting it out, so it's pretty much a free body/roll cage now. Free is good.

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  5. damn good feeling isnt it? :nice:
  6. Did some cutting today finally. Ill post pics when I get more done

    Sharad - any plans for a UPR LS-swap K member?
  7. UPR makes adapter plates for the LS1 swap. Was mocked up and tested on my car.

    That's my 94 in the video link below. 5.3L truck engine with MS3 cam, LS6 intake, Dynatech headers, 3" exhaust, Holley EFI, TH350 w/brake, 4400 stall FTI converter. Best on motor is an 11.40 @ 117.88 and 10.58 @ 126.33 with 100 shot.

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  8. Well I got all the cutting done today that I've been meaning to do:



    Tire size shouldn't be an issue anymore, lol. I was gonna order some tubs, but will have to wait. More on that later...

    Also, this car has been wrecked and there is some damage in the front end:


    The driver side looks similar. I've seen a couple other cars with everything in front of the strut towers removed and replaced with tubing (racecars, obviously) and am thinking I'll follow the same route, hence my thread about the spot weld driller.

    I got a call from the office today, which is a double edged sword. I just got back from a 6 week hitch and they want me to leave Friday for another 3-4 weeks. That means Ill miss 1) my little brothers graduation from Texas Tech 2) Xmas 3) New years. But on the other hand, Ill be making more money and can start buying parts for this thing (maybe).

    So that'll do it for updates for the next month or so. But since it's gonna be a turbo car, its destined to sit on jackstands for several years anyway, right???

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  9. Mustang92 beat me to the punch. We already have an LS-swap k-member kit which is a direct bolt in. Let me know when you need it and I'll set you up with a discount!
  10. Sounds good. Im headed offshore for a month and will order when I return. Thanks!
  11. When you get back, please get your sawzall back out and cut those absolutely pointless downbars running to the trans tunnel. Those bars need to be structured to intersect w/ subframe connectors coming down from the intersection of the of the cross bar on the main hoop.

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  12. madmike1157 I see what you are saying. I'm gonna need to have the cage made into a 10 pt so Ill have that issue addressed as well.

    How are things going? haven't seen/heard much from your side of the world lately
  13. I know this car has nothing to do with the thread, but I am soooo happy with these tires:


    I let it go today to see if it would hook and I almost swallowed all of my teeth. To anyone in need of a set of stickies, I'd recommend them so far. It'll be a little while before I get to the track though and test them there.

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  14. Excellent!

    Stay safe.
  15. Well, I was cruising the net and found that Wolfe Racecraft is having a 20% off sale, so I ordered some tubs and a rear coil over shock kit that allows me to mount the shocks inboard of the frame rails. They're gonna beat me home though, still offshore for another couple of weeks.

    However, since we were at the dock over Christmas, I got to run home for 2 days and see the GF and family. Scored $325 in lowes giftcards, so I'm going to buy a MIG when I get home and start the fabrication. There's probably a good week's worth of welding and fab to do as it sits now. Hoping to be home mid-month assuming work doesn't hit any more snags...

    Going to finish the entire rear end before I move forward with the engine and stuff. Still need axles, spool, gears, and coilovers. Smells like my tax return is already spent, haha.
  16. Where in the online soap opera of your life did I miss the episode where you got back together w/ "the girlfriend"?
    The last time I tuned into "Days of Collin's Life" we had just learned that our hero had decided to split up, and started spending money on other diversions.

    I mean,...I'm no stalker or anything,....I musta just forgot to set My DVR or something.:rolleyes:
  17. HAHAHAHAHA when I saw the alert from you I just KNEW it would be some comment berating me for buying tubs instead of re-using the stockers like you did on previous threads. But anywho - I most definitely did NOT get back together with the previous one. We parted ways in July (I think?) and have only seen each other once since for a friends wedding (only mildly awkward).
    This is a new one that has been in the picture since October. I had an online dating saga thread in the SW that I stopped updating. I started it to share entertaining stories about the crazies that I met, but many took it as a self pity/failing at life outcry, which couldn't be further from the truth. Oh well, I keep it all on my sleeve, so whatever ya wanna know, just ask! hahaha:D

    btw - I think this one is a keeper.
  18. Most of the LS swaps I've seen used the AJE K member and front suspension. Thinking this was the only option, I sold my UPR sbf front end (k, arms, and coilovers) for cheap....

    Had a sickening realization this morning. The UPR LS-swap kit consists of what looks like a SBF k member with 4.6 motor mounts and adapter plates. This means I sold all of my stuff only to buy it brand new again.

    Sharad, Please tell me I'm wrong and it's a totally different K member and did the right thing selling everything.

    Still sitting offshore, bored out of my mind. I have a welder picked out, just need to get home and buy the sucker. It's the Hobart MVP 210. A little over kill for what I need, but it's extremely versatile and mobile. Just.... expensive @ $849.
  19. I ordered a complete rear suspension kit from Wolf Racecraft including a parachute mount for my Saleen on Dec.10th................still have not received the parts, I am hoping that it is because of the holidays and such, but I hope to see the stuff soon. I am not to worried at this point as the car is still at the chassis shop getting a Chrome Moly cage installed and it wont be done for a least 2 more weeks. Still it will be interesting to see how long you have to wait for parts.
  20. I got a tracking number the same day, so however long it takes, it is in UPS's hands