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  1. We're on the same page with this Mike, but the horizontal metal that sits on the frame rail between the strut tower and core support looks like a bag of mashed arseh0les. I need to redo it, but as you said, I have many, many hours vested in it.... do I really want to repeat that?

    No. But I will anyway, because I want to at least strive for the 70-80% you mentioned. Having grown up around a body shop, I know what it takes to make it look right, but I never delved into the skill to develop it myself, I just watched and concentrated more on the mechanical aspect of rebuilding cars from scratch.

    Either way, from the buddies I have talked with, I think the hammertone finish is how I am going to go because I think it is going to look cool, more so than I think it's going to hide my Michael J Fox bodyworking skills.

    I will add that I lack many tools to actually DO the job the right way. I've had a 60 gal air compressor in my shed for over a year I have yet to hook up. Once I get that and some rotary sanders and DAs, I can actually say it's my skill killing it and not my lack of tools to complete the job. Plus Harbor Freight has a bodyworking tool kit that I need with hammers and dollies. Using a ball peen hanner and some angle iron to straighten metal just isn't cutting it. :notnice:
  2. Probably works better than a Chicken peen hammer.:rolleyes:
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  3. @madmike1157 what paint gun do you use? I was looking at a 3 gun hvlp set from Northern tool for $150. Every review was great, so I think I'm leaning that way. One for primer, one for color/clear, and one for small touch ups.

    Should have the compressor hooked up in the next few days and lines plumbed.
  4. I have an equivalent set. (Home depot Husky brand actually)
    I have a separate 1.7mm tip primer gun in addition to the three gun set I bought from HD 7 years ago.
    If you're gonna use PVC for your air lines ( I did) read up on routing them to keep water in the lines controlled. my line actually comes out of the compressor, turns and then goes straight up to the ceiling, turns and goes right back down to the floor, (where there is a ball valve) THEN turns back up to the water filter/regulator mid way back up before it finally goes to a hose reel.
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  5. Just dropped a bill at Harbor Freight on air tools, fittings, expendables for said tools, etc. Friday, I'll head back for a DA and a paint gun. We will be rollin then!!
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  6. Another $80 and some time got me 2 dedicated 220v circuits - one for the welder and one for the air compressor. Just need to plumb the air lines and I'll be in good shape. The breaker box at the left is the house panel, the right is what I put in today. The plug below is for the welder, the compressor is behind the garage in a storage shed.

  7. Good work Collin. Now maybe after all of this, your frustration level w/ regard to manual labor will be minimized.

    P.S. What's the homeowner thing of all of those handprints you left on the wall?
  8. @madmike1157 manual labor doesn't bother me. Tedious labor bothers me when I have to redo it because it's not right.

    As for the handprints, well.. That's a downside of having white walls in a garage.
  9. Walls? I have studs, and cement blocks. Much less housekeeping required.
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  10. The saga continues. . .

    Went to Home Depot for pipe, fittings, valves, etc. to plumb the air into the garage tonight. Looked in my box-O-PVC-chit and saw I had some primer and cement. So I make a mental note - don't need cement from HD.

    Get home, cut some pipe, open cement....It's dried up and useful as tits on a boar.

    Not going back to HD tonight :nonono:
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  11. Haha! If I had a nickle...
  12. Never trust open bottles of PVC cement neighborhood kids probably huffed all the cement out that bich
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  13. We are 100% operable with pneumatic tools now :banana:

    Who's excited? This guy.
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  14. There, I just made an unloaded impact gun noise w/ my mouth.
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  15. My $20 valve spring tool can't handle dual springs. Double damn - I was hoping to have my engine back together this weekend. I guess I'll try O'reilly's to see if I can rent one.

    I'm taking Tuesday off for my birthday, should make some decent headway this week! Also hoping I score enough birthday cash to order the turbo. Fingers crossed...
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  16. What kind of special birthday boy are you to get enough money to buy a turbo with?
  17. Friggin harbor freight one didn't work, neither did the oreillys one on my heavy ass AFR springs on the old Windsor. It was miserable
  18. Oh, Im not, but it will be part of the funds required. Every bit helps.
    Well, the hooks arent deep enough to grab both springs. Otherwise, it would have been ok.
  19. Enjoy your forward facing headers. These f*ckin longtubes will be the death of me!
  20. I am certain that I'll have my own set of issues with the amount of plumbing I'm about to undertake.
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