Progress Thread Slow Boat To China

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  1. :worthlesb haha!

    Looking forward to seeing the progress you made!
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  2. There was a time when I tried to convince myself that the LS was not a worthy replacement for the glass block 302, but common sense has prevailed. :p
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  3. Here we go @84Ttop. I was hoping the welds would be pretty enough to leave alone, but I decided to knock them down for a seamless look. I did have a good day with the welder and we got along quite well.

    As for the turbo, it looks to be in really good shape. I still wanna pull the housings off and check the vanes since he blew the motor. The only thing wrong is he "machined off" the V band on the compressor housing. I use the term loosely because it looks like a beaver chewed it off. I'm going to buy the spool gun for my welder so I can do aluminum and Ill put a Vband back on it.

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  4. Looks good! Have you ever used a spool gun to mig weld aluminum? I would highly recommend against this unless you have quite a bit of experience doing so!
  5. No, but it's my only reasonable option. A buddy has a TIG, but none of us knows how to use it, LOL. I was going to buy some stock and practice on it. Bad idea?
  6. Mig welding aluminum is a tricky proposition. First you need 100% argon and not a mix. You also need a ton of preheat as you can't control the amperage while you're welding like with a tig. You don't have nearly the same puddle control let alone control of the filler material. Also, how are you going to machine the v band back into it? Are you simply trying to weld a v band flange to the end of the housing? I recommend at least one rubber coupling on your cold side piping for a just in case your BOV stops working.
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  7. You should be shot for building a non-ford engine for your mustang.:D

    Where's the pile of D icks?

    Is that anything like the bouncy ball thing at Chucky Cheese?
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  8. That's exactly what it's like.
  9. Well Id like to weld all the IC piping together for starters, and just be able to weld aluminum in general.
  10. I wanna order stuff for the downpipe, but feel guilty after spending all that money this weekend on the turbo, haha. Might wait a week. Whats the public opinion on downpipe routing? I have a friend who votes out the hood. I kinda like the idea, with the pipe cut flush with the hood and a bezel around it. The other option is dual pipes, one in front of each front tire (I like symmetry).

    What say you?

  11. Bumper yes, hood no.
    Look up the Fr8 train. He just did a hood exit and has already posted having to cover it up constantly. There's a FB page to make it easy
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  12. Hadn't checked on him lately. I need to check it out. Sounds like a PITA now that you mention it.
  13. They were shooting drink cup out of it at TX2K14. They'd stick a drink cup in and start the car and it would shoot the cup about 10-12 feet in the air. But imagine all the other UNWANTED things that can be put, stuffed, dropped, poured in there. :nonono: Not a good idea in my opinion.
  14. Do you live in the ghetto? No way on the hood exit exhaust! Getting back to aluminum welding. Is this something you're seriously considering?
  15. No to hood, yes to aluminum
  16. You sure I can't talk you out of the spool gun idea? If you have access to a Tig and have your heart set on it then I suggest you start practicing. After about 200 hours of practice you could probably get that vband to look nice!
  17. Last time I tried to mess with the TIG, I shocked the sh1t outta myself. I'll see if I can borrow it and bring it to the house, but I doubt he'll let me take it. I can use it at his shop so long as I supply all the gas, etc. but it's a pain to drive all the way there and I never get anything done because we always get distracted by playing with something else. Haha
  18. I've lit myself up a few times... Lol. A good ground is the key. Forget the ground clamp and zappo! This is the reason the ground is bolted to my all steel welding table and the work piece goes anywhere on the table and I'm good.
  19. I know downpipe routing can be a real PIA, but im not a fan of fender exhausts on a street car... That being said, with the size of downpipes i get why people do it.

    Im glad you didnt do the hood route. Lots of hondas have those... nuff said.