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  1. I crossed a major milestone tonight. After fighting the engine bay for longer than I'd like to admit, I said F it and primed then painted what I had.

    Does it look good? No. But I admitted to myself that short of cutting everything out and starting over, it was a moot point. I know where and how I went wrong, but don't possess the willpower to redo it at this juncture while maintaining interest in the project.

    So anyway, I'll move forward from here, hopefully at a reasonable pace. I'm purchasing my megasquirt ECU as soon as I get a bonus, which will be at the end of the month.

    Cliff notes: haven't given up. Just waiting.
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  2. so,...we're not gonna even get a flash?
    View attachment 182053
    Will that look good? Hell no!
    But at least it proves he's got balls to show anybody brave enough to look.

    P.S. Let me know if i can help w/any questions you have on the MS.
  3. For whatever reason that I nor AT&T can figure out, my home internet sucks. I can't upload pics, so I'll do it tomorrow morning when I get to work. It looks similar to yours though, only silver :)
  4. Collin,.....It's the 21st century.

    AT @T can figure out how to get your internet back up, and running,...If you can respond to me w/ text, that means that you have a working internet connection.
    If you have a working internet connection, you can post pics. If not Imageshack,..then Photobucket.
  5. Alright, here you go Mike. And I even sanded and resprayed the intake and driver side valve cover after the .... uhh... fire incident. As for the engine bay, I am going to sand and touch up a couple of spots that I absolutely can't live with tonight.

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  6. See, to me that looks good. Clearly, shiny paint and a color other than black work better at hiding some imperfections other that the 200.00 dollars worth of stuff I sprayed. (Only because I did it twice)

    So then, it appears that you are gonna paint the engine the same color as the engine compartment?
  7. I'm thinkin you "murder it out" like all the kids do these days, except all silver. Silver cobra R's(I bet they look good on a fox), white wall tires filled in with a silver sharpie, that chrome lookin window tint. Buncha decals that say "silver bullet"( in silver of course) and then a pile of cans of coors light just layin in the back seat
    Boom, theme
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  8. Im going chrome vinyl wrap for my next car ;)
  9. ** In awe, as a result of standing in front of a design prophet who just shared a moment of genius w/ the lower mortals at his feet.
  10. Green Chrome is where its at... Just sayin
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  11. I think I'm done building stuff for myself. Clearly ive got an eye for design, so I think I'm just going to start suggesting ideas for other peoples builds. But just be really pushy about it
    Be easy to find in a sunny parking lot
  12. Green chrome will get you home!!
    This if from the same shop that wrapped my car..
  13. @84Ttop can we be the green chrome posse?
  14. You know it!
  15. Learned another life lesson last night - You CANNOT apply metal glaze over paint. Ever.

    Be on the lookout for engine bay paint job v2.0
  16. actually you can,.....just has to be the right paint.

    Note to yourself:......the Wrong paint is enamel.
  17. And I already did it twice, you may as well suck it up and join the 2 point Oh club.
  18. So paint job 2.0, then megasquirt 3.0, foxbody number 4.0 for me, used to be a 5.0, but now its a 6.0. Hmph.
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  20. In light of recent developments, I decided I needed to change my title too. You know, to keep up with the Jones'.

    As far as engine bay 2.0, I am buying a second quart of paint this evening. I think I'll be happier with the results, but either way, I refuse to jack with it another day longer for fear of engine bay 3.0.

    I also painted the engine block, motor mounts, and balancer gloss black last night. Looks sharp.
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