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  1. Thanks for the bump, I actually did do some work. The engine bay was finally resprayed last night, and it looks terrible. I'll redo it at some point in the future with the Scott Rod panels.

    I'm still waiting on my bonus. Friday, I finished my end of the 'deal' that would make me eligible for it, so.... I should have it in 2-3 weeks, which will prompt ordering the Megasquirt system. So tired of waiting....

    Next up is the K-member re-install and brake system plumbing. I also need a lot of hardware for suspension, i.e. bolts for struts and rear control arms. @Sharad - don't y'all sell bolt kits?

    Also need to weld the trunk pan back in to hang the gas tank and plumb the fuel lines which I haven't bought either. :ack:
  2. Im leaving work now, gonna go home and pound some stuff out. I'll update tomorrow morning. Let's hope I get it back on all 4 rubbers at least!
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  3. Pounding stuff out? Rubbers? No update needed. K thanks.
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  4. Seriously??!! What is the major malfunction? The fender aprons? Do yourself a favor, and Google pics of the guys that have riveted ScottRod panels on. Get a set, trim them to fit ,drill them for the rivets (use screws or Cleco's to hold in place so you can drill all the holes) paint them, cut out the offending stuff and rivet those bit ches on.
  5. Yep, we have all the hardware, and it's 10% off this week! 561.588.6630
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  6. Nah I've accepted it for what it is. Moving on with it and I'll redo it on a rainy day.
  7. Well I got the K member bolted in and I got to looking at the fender wells... They were disgusting. So I spent the evening cleaning them up. The driver's side was the worst, covered in years of oil and dirt. That took about an hour just to get it clean enough to paint! I didn't get as far as I'd hoped, but it's something.

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  8. Had some ups and downs this evening.

    - Reassembled the front end, ended up going to Tractor Supply for some bolts for the struts.
    - Tractor Supply's scale was broken, so my $20 something in hardware was a shade over $8 because she charged me for cotter keys and washers.
    - Pulled some parts out of storage. The pile is shrinking!!!

    - Instantly remembered SN-95 power brake boosters don't drop into a fox without modifying the strut tower as I tried to slide it in place.
    - Found out I don't have the piece that connects the flaming river steering shaft to the column
    - My soft brake lines aren't anywhere near close to fitting. Not sure where the previous owner got them from.
    - None of the '85 vintage brake lines are worth re-using. (duh).

    So.... I've got some ordering to do Friday when the paycheck hits.
  9. - Fixed the balancer bolt issue and installed it last night
    - Attempted to drill out a broken header bolt in the head with no success. Are they hardened steel???
    - Found the missing piece of double d bar for $20 at Speedway Motors
    - Rolled the car out of the garage and cleaned it for the first time in months. the floor was filthy.

  10. Got paid today. The question now is: Do ask permission before ordering parts or do I ask for forgiveness later? :scratch:
  11. The day you have to ask for permission is the day your life as you know it is over. This is especially true cause you ain't married, but you are starting to act like you are. Scary stuff indeed.
  12. Been engaged a year, got a joint account. So it is 'our' money. And I'd be pissed if she went out and dropped $200 without telling me. We've been on a tight budget lately, so communicating is key.
  13. Well, I did not know you were engaged. So shame on me. As always I was trying to be a smart azz, so please don't take it personal. I thought it was funny. Anyhow, carry on and feel free to ignore my lame attempts at humor.
  14. No worries man, I knew you were kidding!

    I did get the thumbs up, so I just got off the phone with UPR and ordered a Strange manual brake kit and some hardware for the rear control arms. Thanks @Sharad and tell Brian thanks again for the free shirt!!

    Also ordered the DD bar for the steering shaft from Speedway for $21. Much better than $98.

    So looks like I have to remove a head AGAIN to get the broken exhaust bolt handled.
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  15. Progress at least right? You couldn't drill and tap the bolt?
  16. I tried several bits, several sizes from 2 different indexes. It's entirely possible that all my bits need to be sharpened, so I'll pick up another index, but I just couldn't get anything to cut into the broken bolt.
  17. Look into cobalt bits. Worst case you can use carbide, but if you break one of those off you are totally screwed because they are too hard to drill through.
  18. How about the "easy out" I saw in an infomercial on tv? Lol