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  1. Wow! Lucky you...........I have yet to get a tracking number..............but at least the CC has not been charged yet :rolleyes:
  2. Ahhh... So they sent me an email with a parts list. I ok'd it then got a billing statement. You might call them tomorrow and see what the deal is.
  3. Oh, I got e-mails with parts list and e-mails with sales invoice, but no tracking #. I think my order is being held up because of the parachute mount kit that is specific to my application. I sent an e-mail inquiry yesterday and have yet to hear back, but it is New Years, so................
  4. ahh gotcha
  5. I may have missed it, but what are you planning to do to the motor? Had a chance to buy an 85 that someone had started the LS swap on. It was basically minus the headers. It had the MSD set-up for a carb and some expensive Texas made cam. I was in an inspection area in VA and figured I would never get it registered. Probably should have picked it up.
  6. Whatever LS motor I can get the best deal on and an S400 series turbo. I'm aiming to find an LQ9 motor (6.0L) and just swap head bolts for studs and some better head gaskets. Other than that it will be stock. Injectors will be upgraded too. It will be controlled with megasquirt, similar to what mike is building.

    Gonna drop this link here so I can reference it when I get home, but this is also one of 2 cars that inspired the build. I want to do the same thing to my front end, except without the motor and mid plates. Ill just brace the tubing a little better.

    Edit: his motor is an LQ4 - or the lower compression brother of the LQ9. Its a 6.0 liter, iron block motor with 9.4:1 compression. Not too hard to find, just a little more money. The money is gonna be in the turbo...

  8. Our LS-swap kit uses a modular (4.6) k-member, not the pushrod (5.0) k-member. I thought you had the pushrod k-member before?
  9. Oh thank goodness. Yeah, it was a pushrod K member.
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  10. This brings me at ask (in my best fatherly advice voice) : What are your intentions for this car?

    The track is the only place you'll get away w/ having an LS-?? in a Mustang.
    Oh you'll still be able to take the thing to a local cruise in or show, and nobody will care that it has one of the best engines GM ever built under the hood,...but if any venue( shows, cruise ins, races, large gatherings i.e. Mustang Week) has Ford listed as a sponsor....................."Why no Collin, cant play in any of our reindeer games"
  11. im wit madmike track only i wouldnt even do it for this!! real powa ford powa! unless your low on coin
  12. Intentions - See how fast I can go with a big boost and a stock LS while providing as much entertainment value as I can for myself and the SN community when it grenades.

    Why? Because I can. Plain and simple. Not here to reinvent the wheel or prove anything to anyone. Just gonna have fun with it and post pics as I go.

    Luckily for me, there's 3 tracks and a slew of local cruise ins for me to play at. Not to mention a whole herd of LS swapped foxes to get in pissing contests with. I intend to have the quickest, of course :p
  13. Oh, I just got word Ill be crewchanging on the 9th (Wednesday) so I can actually get some work done instead of just littering the thread with "Well, this is what I wanna do..."
  14. No I get the reason behind using a LS, and I am a believer in them for bang for the buck, straight from the JY,.. .but, only being able to hang around a bunch of inbred Chevy boys because I stuck a Bowtie motivator in my Ford body would get old.
    That is why i'll never put one in a body it doesn't belong in.
    Collin has another street driver Mustang w/ the right engine in it that allows him to "commune w/ normal society" at the cruise ins,....his sloppy second is a project wherein he'll just have to get used to purist sneers from them at the track.:rolleyes:
  15. LOL yes, indeed. the local mustang forum is littered with LS swaps and they are accepted as reality.

    Although between Nik wanting to do a BBF and the fact that I just read your nitrous story, that sounds like fun too. Maybe Ill do that when the LS blows...
  16. There are always diehard purists... but I think crossbreeds have always been and will always be a part of hot rodding. Here's UPR's junkyard LS-stang:

  17. madmike1157 Im still dead set on an LS motor, buuut a 460 with what they describe as "old school cobra jet heads" and a bunch of other parts just listed locally for $1500 obo. If I could get a casting number off the heads, might it be worth considering?

    The goal of the project was go fast for cheap and LS/turbo seemed to be the way to go, but after reading your article, well... its a solid case.

    ALSO - need opinions -

    This car is a beater. The floor pans have been cut out for whatever reason and replaced with some "regler ol" sheet metal and the welds are absolutely awful. Is it justifiable to cut the garbage out and order the floorpans from LRS for $229 and make it look presentable even though its a track beater? Does this push into a safety/structural integrity concern?

    If its gonna happen, it needs to happen now before I can proceed with anything else....
  18. If you have the means to replace the floors yourself, id go that route. Also, as far as the whole, not being able to go to "mustang only" car shows. Who cares, ive been to a few of them, and ive seen enough polished GT40, cobra intakes, and chrome fireextinguisherchalkblocks for one life time. I like a little variety, this might be why swaps dont bother me.
  19. My opinion:

    Fix the floors. I thought you were buying a new welder anyway.

    460- I assume "Old school" means cast iron. You cannot mistake 429CJ heads,......the intake port is the size of a tennis ball.
    The rocker studs are 7/16, and screw in. The casting numbers can be sourced online, but a CJ head ends in D00e. Intake port volume is something like 300 cc. The exhaust port on these heads SUCK. ( The exhaust port on all cast iron 429 heads SUCK) You have to remove a bunch of ugly bumps and the factory smog air injector bosses to get them remotely capable of flowing enough air to offset the air the intake ports move in. Additionally, if somebody got happy w/ the die grinder, the wall thickness is so thin you can easily break through into the over generous intake port. The engine in my story had the smaller passenger car heads on it ( Cleveland sized valves 2.19 I, 1.71 E) as opposed to the 2.25 I, 1.76 E valves in the CJ head.

    I had both sets on that engine in my story, and I could not tell you if the bigger head made a difference ( because I also stroked the combo up to 496 that next year after I blew up the engine in the story.)

    I do know this: I beat the snot outta that combo. The kind of abuse that comes from someone that doesn't know WTF they were doing kind of abuse, and doing it anyway. ( 37 degrees timing, (two) 175 hp plate n2o systems stacked on a dual plane intake, 93 octane gas, stock rods, stock crank, 2 bolt caps, HUGE 4.360" bore heavy assed pistons, and 7000 RPM) If ever there was a combo that shoulda blew up it was this thing, but it didn't.

    It was the MOST fun I've ever had w/ a drag car, because what was at stake pretty much amounted to about $$800.00 if I blew a rod out of it. A bonafide old school junker that was capable of 6.40's all summer long that I could drive on the street. W/ a better intake, a better nitrous system, (fogger) better gas (100 octane) timing retard, and a great solid roller, that same combo could've ran a high 5.

    ** Foot note---- if the heads are infact true unmolested CJ iron castings, could probably sell those things alone for what you would pay for the entire engine,......(evidently, true cast iron 429 CJ/SCJ heads may be pretty rare for the dude trying to restore one.
  20. First and foremost, I am finally home from the most hellacious offshore hitch of recent memory.

    - My Wolfe Racecraft tubs and coilover mounting hardware are in.

    - My electrician buddy is coming by today to see about hooking up a 240v outlet in my garage.

    - Gonna buy the welder this weekend most likely. Going with the 190a Hobart for $699.

    - Going to be ordering floor pans and the smoothed fender skirts from [email protected] next week.

    - Will also be extending my workbench this weekend since I don't have enough raised workspace. I can then mount my drillpress and bench grinder to it and have a nice little fabrication area.

    - Screw paying $80 on up for a rickety welder cart. Ill make one myself for half the price.

    Lots to keep me busy, not to mention that I'm also still renovating my bathroom. I honestly work harder at home than I do at my job, LOL. Pictures will come up as stuff happens, but it will be happening.
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