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  1. I just bought 2 titanium 7/64" bits and the extractor of the corresponding size for $12.

    We shall see soon.
  2. Whatever is broke off in the head instantly dulled the new bits.

    Whatever it is is hard. Very hard.
  3. :scratch: Weird. A bolt shouldn't be that hard. What the hell is that thing made of? I hate it when something should go relatively easy turns into a pita.
  4. Let me know if you have any issues with that brake kit. I know I did at first. And it looks like you cut the steering shaft already but I know I had to cut as absolutely close to the rag joint as possible and it still barely reached. I'd pull the shaft and put it on out of the car. Its a real **** to line it up on a collapsible shaft.
    Glad you're gettin somewhere mang
  5. I finally got the bolt drilled out. Probably spent $40 in drill bits, but I didn't have to pull the head and take it to a machine shop.

    I'm a happy dude.
  6. great thing is, the right bit will bore a hole innit like a white hot ice pick thru butter. "REAL Cobalt bits or REAL Titanium bits, not the coated garbage from China!"
  7. Titanium carbide dremel bits did the trick.
  8. What heads are you using?
  9. 317s
  10. Good deal. You've got too many pages to find your specs (I didn't try very hard) but I remembered the BTR cam and truck manifold.
    Have you got the front drives yet?
    Trying to play match maker with the truck/car parts was a PITA. Definitely spent a couple hundred more than needed.
  11. Need an alternator. Going to make a bracket that I saw another guy make, looks like it took him an hour to make and install it.
  12. I accidentally bought an alternator today for $64 from the used auto parts place in town. It's a 105 amp, should be good enough, huh?

    Also paid $21 for the water pump gaskets. They're 2 identical gaskets that together couldn't cover a dollar bill completely. Wtf!

    So with my parts, I went home and stuck the pump on and began designing the alternator mount like I always do things; no planning, seat of the pants style. I think I'm on to something fantastic that will utilize the stock tensioner instead of doing it old school by using and adjustable bolt. Ill wait to show pics until I settle on a final design.

    Should get some boxes from the brown truck tomorrow as well. Seem to have some momentum going again, let's see how long I can keep it going!
  13. 105 is the stock size anyways.
    Depending how you end up with your accessories I highly highly recommend a katech/compcam tensioner. Stock LS ones are notorious for flying off at any decent rpm.
    Be interested to see what you've come up with, I know a few guys who were unsuccessful keeping a belt on a turnbuckle type setup
  14. x2m4.jpg

    Here's something close to what I came up with. I messed with the tensioner orientation a little more after I took this pic to get the best rotation/tension. Going to finish welding everything up tonight and paint it. Also going to cut off all the extra steel under the tensioner. I originally planned on having closer to the balancer, but it migrated north.

    As far as alignment goes, it was a tedious process. The alt and tensioner are within a 1/16" of the balancer, so I called it good enough.

    Brown truck came yesterday, but only had my steering shaft piece from Speedway. Maybe UPR will show up today.
  15. Only got about an hour to work last night. Finished the brackets, just need to measure for a belt. I hope it works!!

    UPR package came yesterday. Gonna do the lines and MC before I stick the engine in.

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  16. I'll put these up as a motivator for myself. Stock hood won't work without the help of a sawzall. Turbo flange needs to be cut down 1.5" and forward 3/4". Mocked up manual brake MC to run lines, but didn't have the right fittings. Got the steering shaft hooked up and cleaned the garage.

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  17. Custom hand built hood ftw!
  18. So instead of working on the car, we brewed 10 gallons of beer. Made a Kolsch and a chocolate milk stout.

    @NIKwoaC the milk stout should be fantastic if the smell was any indication. I'm really excited.
  19. Came for the swap, stayed for the chocolate milk beer
  20. You guys should all get together. @84Ttop could bring the brats, and the grill. @madspeed can bring the mustard. Collin's got the beer, And @tannerc91gt can bring the freakin' Doritos.:rlaugh:
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