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  1. Nick can bring his car so we've got somewhere to set it all.
    I wish SN95s had wing options, I'd love to have a place to set my chit
  2. I don't know why not, he uses it for the same reason. And here I thought it was to add stability and downforce at high speeds.
    Stupid me.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but does it make more sense to wait on buying the computer/harness until the engine is put together enough to start and run? With that said, I still need to buy and fabricate the down pipe, I need oil lines for the turbo, gotta buy a radiator and starter still. Don't have injectors, fuel rails or lines. I think for the price of the computer kit, I can get all of the above. Just gotta wait til payday Friday.
  4. I don't think that matters one bit. There's absolutely no reason to buy the ECU now. I bought mine at the time because it was one of the "smaller" purchases, and I knew that putting the thing together would give me something to do in the evenings when my wife wanted to watch recorded episodes of Survivor, Amazing Race, and Antiques Road show.:confused:
  5. The wings' primary use is as a table. Any stability that it provides is just a bonus!
  6. All the work goin in to this thing, why not route those hard brake lines in the cowl and out of the bay for even more sexiness?
  7. Because it's easier to tell ourselves we'll do it later
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  8. and then we wish wed've done it in the first place
  9. Now you're onto something!
  10. I hadn't thought of that. I like the idea and will definitely do it that way once I go borrow the flare tool from my dad.
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  12. I just emailed a guy with a wrecked GT500 in Dallas for $4500. He's looking for some LS stuff so I offered a trade - motor and trans for motor and trans.

    We shall see, would be cool to be all ford again.

    Id give it a 2% chance anything becomes of it. Probably business as usual tomorrow
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  13. Milk stout eh? Never brewed one myself, you'll have to let me know how it turns out.
  14. Hell yes that would be awesome. Say goodbye to any extra air space in the engine bay though.

  15. I cant tell you how many times I've wished for one of those!
  16. I thought about that myself with an 03-04 cobra drivetrain but at this point I think I'd take a loss.
    I couldn't blame ya, it'd be just as cool of a setup and there's less angry mobs
  17. Well....

    There's bout to be another mob. I listed it for sale today. I got promoted and will be commuting a looong way, so I need something other than my F-150 to drive @ 11 mpg. Depending on what I sell it for, together or separate, I'm going to try and find a nice fox or maybe a new edge and stick an on3 kit on and be done. I need something that will get 18-20 mpg highway. Either way, I need it sooner than later.

    My first car - 90 GT in my sig pic got 23 mpg. I'd like to mimic that.

    Hate to say it, but this build is unfortunately done unless I win the lottery or something drastic happens. One day, I'll finish a build :nonono:. I tried to sell my wife on selling the F150 for a newer 5.0 and she wouldn't bite.
  18. There's always the keep it and buy a beater econobox option.
  19. With what money? That's what I wanted to do. Sell the truck, get a newer 5.0 and a beater pickup but nooooooo. Woman logic for ya.
  20. Aw man! No skin off your back though, it was going to be a bastard child anyway. Fight for a Coyote, those cars are great. Congrats on the promotion and just drink a lot of homebrew when that project car gets towed away on someone else's trailer.
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