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  1. Can't blame ya a bit. I debated it a hundred times and still will sell it fairly soon.
    I 100% recommend parting it out. Will sell much much faster for more money.
    I even went the "f*ck it I'll just turbo a stock coupe and be done" logic myself.
    Congrats on the promotion. Definitely a bigger priority
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  2. I can't say I'm excited about selling at all. I may give it a week and see if I get a reasonable offer on the whole setup. If not, I may just have to keep it and figure something else out for transportation. I really want this thing to live
  3. Forgiveness, much easier to get than permission.

    Jus sayin :rlaugh:
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  4. Based on the previous "Slow Boat(s) To China", I'm callin':bs:.

    I think you're burnt. I think the road in front is too long, the head aches still looming large, and the investment to get it running still too much. I think it is just too much of a hassle.

    It's a drag car. It and the previous boats were drag cars. Sell it and you're gonna take a bath on your existing investment(s) of time and money, keep it and the little guy that pops up on your shoulder w/the wings and halo will remind you that it's a money pit, robbing you of disposable income, and free time with the new bride.

    I feel ya, but it was never gonna be "alternate transportation". If the new promo has you driving further than an F-150 is economically feasible, then to me, it's not the cross bred drag car that needs to go, it's that pig of a truck.

    But that's just me.
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  5. Furthermore,...( I'm still on my soapbox) I'll bet I got over 10 grand in the GM at this minute, (matter of fact I know I do). All of that money that I earned in the LAST YEAR that could've been making a car pymt on some 12-14 belly button.
    Or an 03 Cobra,
    or an 04 GTO,
    or an 08 G8,
    or an 05 GTO.

    But I'd immediately have to open the toilet, and throw 40-50% of that 10+ grand directly in it and flush it.

    You'll get some of your original investment back when it comes to selling a drag car, and you may get more by parting it out then selling it whole, but it still ain't gonna be equal to what you had when you bought any of that stuff.
  6. And Furthermore,....
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  7. Tell us how you really feel
  8. I thought I just did?
  9. I honestly tried to sell her on trading in the F150 for a belly button and keeping the 85 as a means to occupy myself as the hobby it is intended to be.

    Her words exactly, "you can buy whatever you want, so long as you can pay it off in 2 years."

    See, we really want to be settled into a piece of land BEFORE we have kids in the next 2-3 years, so we are trying to pay our vehicles off. Both of which have ~10k left to go. No matter how I slice it, paying stuff off and building this car don't compute.
  10. Exactly where I'm at man. You're on a car forum though, so obviously these are the replies to expect. But we're buying a house in the next 12 months and the money I've got wrapped up in the mustang can alleviate some serious financial stress when the time comes. I wanted to build it, but family/life> toys any day Of the week for me.
    Be interested to see what you end up doing.
  11. Collin, I parked my truck and bought a small car for just a couple grand when I commuted. You may have to save for a few months for the money, but you can pick one up cheap, and it will be paid for. I went through the same thing. Don't take a bath on what you have, just save a little and buy a cheap commuter car.
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  12. I paid $1,600 for my 97 civic 4 door. I drive it 68 miles a day to work and back.
    It's awesome. 40mpg 5spd and cold AC. Happy camper
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  13. I agree with @tannerc91gt sell the truck and buy a lil civic that gets 30+ mpg and cold a/c and you're good to go....and you can keep "the turbo bastard fox" project. Think of it like this, it's paid for already, you're not paying a note on it. You can always press pause on it while you do the "life/family" thing. Then when the kids are potty trained and can fetch wrenches for you, you can continue where you left off on "the turbo bastard fox". Just my $.02. :shrug:
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  14. Turbo Bastard Fox. Nice.

    Well I haven't had much interest yet. Ill give it til sunday and will re-evaluate. I have a laundry list of stuff to order if I choose to continue. But having land and a barn to put it in would be sweet as well. I am done with neighborhood living.
  15. Getting married and buying a house with constant upkeep and planning a family is fricking expensive. There are a lot of hands out (literally and figuratively speaking) for your paycheck before your disposable income gets to fun things like a drag car, savings, vacation etc...

    Trust me I know because I got married almost 8 years ago, have a 5 y/o son, then bought a house 3 years ago, now added twin girls that are 10 months old now and THEY ALL COME FIRST. It's not only the $$$ but it's the time you need to invest in them too which leaves very little for a car. The car you have now, if you sell it, you'll probably never be able to spend that time and $$ into getting again. Sell the truck and get a civic and a beater Ranger IMO.

    Got home from work yesterday at 5pm after picking my son up from school and parent teacher meeting, twins got their dinner at 530, rest of family about 6pm, clean kitchen and get baths going for kids, put twins to bed at 715pm, watch American Ninja Warrior with my my 5 y/o son for a bit and he's in bed at 9pm (still wants to be carried into bed by Dad and tucked in by Mom every night), then I go out to the garage and wrench till about 11pm, shower and in bed before midnight (which I can't do every night anymore). Get up 5am to get to work at 6am, and repeat. This life for me is priceless and time and money for my Coupe comes whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    So to summarize, KEEP YOUR F*CKING COUPE!!!! It's a bird in your hand bro!
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  16. ^its a hatch brah
  17. @tannerc91gt huh? The 85' is a hatch? ^^^^^:scratch:
  18. Didn't know he had that. The topic at hand was selling the project off. Guess you're a better researcher
  19. Somewhere in the middle of this thread he ditched the LX hatch and picked up this 85' coupe and transferred parts over. Good move IMO.