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  1. Well :poo:. Keep this car man. I like it.
    That's settled
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  2. That explains why I missed it. I was on hiatus.
    This project just got much cooler. I'd snatch this 85 up
  3. @tannerc91gt Here's the 'make the bastard live list' and why it seemed like a better idea to buy a new 5.0:

    MS II, harness, relay board
    couple couplings
    fuel line
    down pipe
    oil feed/drain lines

    Just these few items are $1k or better. But even then, I still can't drive it without a convertor, shifter, trans cooler,
    driveshaft/yoke, brake lines, body wiring harnesses, etc. Probably another $1500. It's not a lot of money, but it's going to be a while before I can get that last "to drive" list together.

    Most of this was just a ploy to get my wife to let me get a new 5.0 as a DD and it fell on it's face. Im still not decided on keeping this, gonna wait a few more days and see what comes up.
  4. That's why it's a project....projects take time. I know we all get really impatient when we get so close that we can taste it(I'm there). But these things take time and the timeline gets extended when a wife and/or kids come into the picture. The best parts about it is that you can get those $2500 in parts left to get over time...a little bit here and little bit there, then before you know it you have all those parts and then all you have to do is find the time to install them. :scratch::rlaugh:

    Welcome to life, buddy! It's a roller coaster ride that never ends! You have some ups and downs, a few loopty-loops, you'll definately get turned upside down and you may even go backwards a time or 2. Trust me I, as are most of us, are on the same ride. Sometimes you may even have fun....SOMETIMES. Good luck! ;)
  5. ^^^^ what he said. I even got out of the hobby for about 10 years(kids-life-no$$) if you got to move on---then do it and don't look back. Hope it works out whichever way you decide.
  6. MS II, harness, relay board ($600?)
    sensors $200-250 (see my thread on why not to cheap on these)
    couple couplings
    radiator/hoses/fans (stock LS stuff is best in terms of simplicity, can grab it all for $200)
    fuel line :)shrug: mine was $10/ft)
    starter ($100, but I'd really look at doing the ford solenoid conversion, I know mine will die soon)
    down pipe (out the bumper!!!)
    oil feed/drain lines (PITA)

    It's nice to be down to the "little" stuff but these are all a pain to track down, AN fittings suck.
    Hard to be that close and not follow through though. And this coming from a huge project flake like myself
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  7. You gotta be a grown up man first, passion projects/toys are a distant second to responsibilities.

    However, unless you're really hurting for money I say you should JUST SHELF THE PROJECT. Come back to it when time and money permit.

    My Coupe costs me nothing unless i'm buying parts for it. If I have no money left from my paycheck then it just sits in my garage and doesn't bother anyone.
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  8. And there's no way to accurately forecast the end of the project cost until you're down to the true nitty gritty. I just said a week ago on my "blog" that I was down to my last 1k, and now I'm looking at that from behind.

    I still have pushrods,engine oil cooler, interior odds and ends, car audio hoopty junk, trans cooler lines, and fittings, a drive shaft........

    a thousand dollars.
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  9. Well I think I'm keeping the roller and will just keep it to the side. I'll sell the engine and trans to help pay off what we owe on our appliances. I'll probably hide the turbo in a corner as well.

    I may find a cheap carbed 351 and a 3550 to go beat on it at the track and run 11s if I get the itch real bad. I could do that for $1500 I bet.

    Still pushing for a new 5.0, however it may be a long enough wait to get a '15
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  10. I think you should get your old job working on a slow boat to China, so you can afford to build your slow boat to China car.
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  11. Well I spoke to my grandma this morning about selling their '55 Pontiac that they gave me. I hate to do it, but I have $0 invested in it, so as opposed to losing my arse with this car, Ill let the indian car go into better hands and (hopefully) be able to keep this rolling.

    Any interest that I've had in the '85 has been killed when they ask what all it needs. I guess people don't understand that it's a project and requires a lot of work. Not, 'hey here's $10k in parts, turn a couple of screws and run 9s.'
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  12. Pictures of the Pontiac??
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  14. No rust? :scratch:

    Just the way the dumb Hack Monkey's like it, Patina. Slap some wheels on that, put some clear over the existing surface and flip it for profit. Where's my beer assistant!!:cheers::drink:
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  15. So this project began around 12/03/2012 and clearly you hadn't a clue what you were getting into: "$10k in parts, turn a couple of screws and run 9s" Well actually it IS that simple if you've got a few other skills/resources at your disposal. Screw it, sell it all off at the best price(s) you can get, pursue other life avenues and before you know it you'll be able to be stylin' in the Five-Oh of your dreams.
    Muskin' aboot makin' no progress with this car isn't a profitable life strategy.

    the feelin' sure is fine,
    n just move me on down the line
  16. Surface rust, yes, but not much rot
  17. Little update - Sold the Pontiac for $1800. Can't seem to off load the '85 for anything other than free, so it looks like I'm keeping it. I'll let it sit until I have some more free time and funding to throw at it. Work has me running ragged so I don't have time for much of anything at the moment.

    I'll update whenever I get back in the garage and make something happen. When? :shrug:
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  18. Well I have an update of sorts. I've parted the car out completely less the UPR K member, coil over kit, 90/10s, rolling stock, and some other odds and ends.

    Garage won't be empty for long, and I wont say much else until I get the title.
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  19. This is some advice from a fish looking in from the outside.

    Whatever you buy, do yourself a favor and buy a car that runs.
    Then do yourself another favor, and do not dismantle it past the point of only taking a few hours to get it running again.
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  20. That's the plan. It's DD capable, just needs a couple simple fixes that would take an afternoon. It's clean inside and out, and has A/C.