Progress Thread Slow Boat To China

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  1. Then maybe you'll find the scratch for the itch.
  2. 3rd time is the charm?
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  3. I'm excited to see it. (I got a sneak peek!) :banana:
  4. You going to have it by friday Collin?
  5. Sunday if I'm lucky. My other half booked us solid this weekend, so getting to San Antonio is going to be tough
  6. Ah, married life!
  7. I don't do well with suspense
  8. well I don't own it quite yet. The suspense is killing me as well, the guy hasn't called me back yet so we can set up a pick up time. I offered a deposit and everything. we shall see. If not, I'll keep saving for another one, but this deal seems like its a good one.
  9. Dude just called me back, he's had food poisoning apparently. Anyway, here's what he's got:




    About a year ago, he was changing the water pump and broke a bolt off. It's been sitting ever since. Other than that, it needs a speedo cable and the window motors are bad he says.

    The A/C works, has cam, long tubes, and 4.10s. Also a 5 spd car. Newer paint, garage kept. I've got a nice pair of grey tweed seats to swap in and I'm going to put wheels on similar to what @TOOLOW91 has. Should be a very, very nice car and I'm going to drive the $hit out of it. Not a bad deal for $3500, huh?

    ***Edit - after I posted, I noticed the ash tray door closes. That'll make be first fox with this feature. HAH!
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  10. Sweet man. I dig it.
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  11. I call :bs:.

    Next you're going to tell us that it's powered by unicorns! :fuss:
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  12. Longest afternoon in history :D
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  13. *Depending heavily on the fact that the car was as described. We all know now that it was NOT the case.
  14. They never are!