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  1. Coilover mounting stuff. Impressed with the quality!

    Tubs, unassembled. But I refuse to pay for them to assemble them and then the extra freight. If you can't put these together, you have no business buying them

    Here's the floor pans. Uuuugly. Look at those "welds". They gotta go.
  2. There is an 80K mile LS1 with a T56 and a full EFI computer/harness and anything else you need from a wrecked SS Camaro near me for sale. Dude wants $2500 for it. I have half the mind to go pick it up. If you were closer, it would be perfect for your project.
  3. Gotta love me some cast iron floor pans with chicken poo welds.
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  4. That would be great and the price is good, but my hands are tied until I can sell my '99. I think it's priced reasonably ($8500) for a very clean car with 500+ horsepower, but can't seem to get anyone to bite.
  5. Uh yeah, that's an excellent price. I would buy it if I had the money
  6. I'm kind of thinking about asking him if he'll sell me just the trans. I wouldn't mind an extra gear in the '86, but I don't think I have the heart to do an LS swap, haha.
  7. Let me know what he says. I wouldn't need the trans. I think my '99 is about to sell so I *should* have the coin next week to buy a motor.
  8. I also bought all the stuff to run the 240V outlet in my garage and 20' of 8 ga wire for an 240V extension cord. Cost $134!!! Whoa. . . and ouch.
  9. Copper prices suck...
  10. that's it? Kinda Facebookie for you don't you think?;)
  11. Copper prices suck... a lot.

    That any better Mike?
  12. I think my '99 is sold. Guy should be coming monday to get it. If that's the case, this project is about to get some coin dumped in it. . .
  13. brings me to my next question,.......I thought the 99 was the daily?

    Now that the only Mustang you'll have is the one in the thread, still gonna be happy hangin around w/ 3 tooth Chevy boys after you put a LS1 in your Ford?
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  14. Cliff notes please?
  15. Shave the top part of a stock 5.0 intake manifold off and set it on top of the LS... No one will know :D
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  16. I have a F-150 too. Thats the main reason for selling the '99. A single guy with 3 cars is a tad bit ridiculous. And besides, I hang out here for car stuff. That is until the mods get tired of seeing my Chevy banter and lock me out.

    But theres a few guys in the SW that do the same and theyre still around, lol.
  17. Not sure if you mentioned it yet, but are you going carb or EFI?
  18. EFI - gonna follow Mike and do a similar MS system, just not quite sure which one yet

    Gonna be a little slow around here this week. My uncle was in a wreck on Friday and isn't doing well at all, so Ill be helping the family get things taken care of. Once again proving drinking and driving isn't worth the risk.
  19. Sorry to hear that man. Prayer sent.
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  20. Thanks guys.

    The '99 sold today. I'll be getting a built rear end, 31 spline axles, spool, discs, narrowed 2" and some other goodies tomorrow. Probably going to get the welder too. Will post pics as I can.
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