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  1. Congrats on the sale! Spend your profit wisely :)
  2. I put a chunk in savings. Some for bills, some for this car.
  3. Finally some forward motion!!! This week has been hell. First, my uncles wreck, then tuesday night, had to take my GF to the ER for a kidney infection. Today, I found out I have tonsilitis. But I refuse to let it slow me down.

    Got 240V wired in today and bought the welder/gas/wire/helmet... Had to order a welder cart, that's why its on the table. Itll be here monday:

    Made a 25' extension cord so I can get the welder all over the garage:

    Finally started on a wheel tub before calling it a night:

    I didn't feel up to driving an hour each way to pick up my rear end, so I'm getting it Saturday. Its a narrowed built 8.8 with discs, some QA1 coilovers, and a complete front disc setup from a '00 GT for $1200. Not a bad deal I don't think...

    Got some work to do.

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  4. Rub-a-dub-dub, this bish got tubs.




    Still got some cutting to do on the frame, but that part wasn't in the instructions. As if I read them before I started anyway...

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  5. Picked up the stuff to finish off the rear half of the car today.

    narrowed 8.8: Drilled/slotted rotors, C-clip elims, 31 spline axles/spool, tubes and brackets welded:

    Spindles, drilled/slotted rotors, aluminum calipers from an SN car and the QA1 coilovers in the back

    Finally, the wheels. Couldn't pass them up for $800 and they have the right BS for the narrowed rear end.
  6. Headed out to go finish notching the frame so I can install the axle. Then I'll weld in the coilover crossmember and the ARB. That'll be a wrap on the back half of the car!
  7. Got the pass side notched yesterday before heading out for the night. Once my hangover clears today, I'll try and get back at it... Maybe

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  8. What are those wheels?
  9. Welds. They're billet and weigh about 10 lbs each. I couldn't say no
  10. Hell yeah. Moving along quite nicely.
  11. Yea those are sweet wheels. Good score. I was unaware Weld did billet.
  12. Finally got to work on the car today. My job got in the way this week. Gah.

    I finished notching and capping the frame today and tacked the rear suspension stuff in place. I wanted to make sure that it all looked ok with the pros on here before I made it permanent. The main problem I see is that the ARB is the same width as the shocks/mount and Im not sure how to get around that. Maybe srtthis madmike1157 Sharad could shed some light here or anyone else who has done this before?


    Also, Where's a good place to start as far as where the shocks are mounted? The middle? The coilovers are 12" 110#.


    Also got the cart in for the welder:


    Which I have to say lays down some damn fine beads and I couldn't be happier with it.

  13. May have to move the arb mounts. The one on the racecar is forward of the rear and mounted up in the trunk.
  14. Those are some nice, hot welds. Good penetration.

    Yea, that's what she said.
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  15. The same for me on the orange/blk 86 car I built last time. The bar is located so far forward it'll be really hard to weld it properly. (try putting one in w/ the trunk floor intact). Mine had tabs located on top of the housing that the heim ends attached to, careful to mock the thing up first, reassemble the shocks w/o the springs, and run the rear end through a full arc of movement ( w/i the range of the chassis loaded at least) to be sure the that ARB will not contact the coilovers at some point.
    Then weld the pi ss outta it.
  16. That said,....I noticed that the arb you have appears to weld to the floor, I gotta ask,....where are you gonna weld yours?
  17. btw... nice grinder!
  18. I was thinking I welding it to the shock crossmember. Bad idea?
  19. Welp. Today was payday. Instead of ordering front suspension, I bought my girlfriend some earrings for her birthday. Looks like it's gonna be another month before anything happens, haha. Headed back to Africa next week also. Updates in march...