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  1. So the tabs on the ARB cross bar face the back of the car. If I flip the bar over leaving the shocks in their current position so the tabs face the front, it'll give me the 2" I need.

    I'm sure it'll be much easier next go-round, lol. This is definitely trial by fire, and I definitely appreciate all the input from everyone who has done this before.
  2. making good progress...
  3. Thanks man! Need to see more updates on your car!

    So I cut the front end off my car again at the strut towers. Gonna take it as one piece to a shop with my tubing and replicate it there.

    Also, I cut out the shock crossmember in the rear and tacked in the ARB. After narrowing the ARB 3.5" I think it's all going to play together nicely. Hopefully I can get it finished up tomorrow and I'll put up some pictures.

    Im still going offshore this week sometime. REALLY need to make some more $$$, lol.
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  4. You can think of something to do with that old front end haha and while your offshore can you make me some money too
  5. Managed to get the rear suspension 99% done. Have a little bit more welding to do but I ran out of time. Headed to the airport soon and had to pack. I did move the axle through its full range of motion to make sure nothing hits or binds. All looks good!

    Next question is should I make the 2 rear bars that run from the main hoop to the back of the car tie into the coil over cross bar? If so, I think I'll just cut out the cage altogether. I know a guy trying to get rid of a Wolfe 10 pt cage for pretty cheap.



    I'll be lurking around while I'm gone. Should be a 2 week trip.

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  6. Just have to say, looks good man!
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  7. Looks good. Who's coil overs are you running? Anti roll bar is pretty beefy.
  8. Man, when we gonna see some LS action up in this beyotch?
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  9. The place I'd tie rear bars into would be the rear frame rails at the rear most point, w/ outriggers tied into the square ARB mount, maybe the C/O cross member for good measure. I'd think that thing ^^would flex.

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  10. They're single adjustable qa1s. Seem like good pieces, got them lightly used

    I'm headed offshore as I type this to gain some financial support hahah. I'm just gonna stud the rods and heads, add a mild turbo cam and slap it back together. The motor itself is in great shape.
  11. Ah ok, well that's where they are now. Outriggers are entirely possible too.
  12. This may have been what MadMike was saying, but yeah, I'd just drop a couple of short bars down from the rear bars down to the coilover mount. I did my 25.5 Saleen like that. Let me look for the pics...

    Sorry, this is the closest one I have... but you get the idea


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  13. Well we are floating around by BP's Atlantis platform about 120 miles out of Port Fourchon, LA. (That's pronounced foo-shawn, btw). We are setting out sonar beacons on the seafloor for an upcoming umbilical lay in ~6800' of water.

    These platforms are huge. Easily city block sized. The scale of size and depth out here is truly mind boggling.

    Anyway, hoping to be home in 10-14 days and keep the project rolling. I'll try and post a few pics I have later of the platform and ROV control room.
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  14. Sounds pretty neat.
  15. You're in my neck of the woods! Be careful out there.
  16. Sonar beacons? Umbilical lay? You went over my head there bro! o_O

    Stay safe out there!
  17. ^ Me too. I thought he was giving birth there for a second.
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  18. So I'm at a couple of cross roads here, would like some input. There are a couple of options im considering:

    Dilemma 1: MS1 or MS2.

    Running MS1 is cheap, but would only control fuel. Id have to buy the MSD 6010 box to run my ignition. With MS2, I run a reluctor wheel behind the balancer and MS controls fuel and ignition. Costs are pretty much the same, for all practical purposes, its just a preference thing and I don't really have an opinion one way or another...

    Dilemma 2: Single S480 or twin GT45 "China" turbos.

    Before anyone craps on the China turbo idea, I've spent months reading about them and they're fine as long as you disassemble and clean them before you run them. They make good power and are reliable enough. Anyone who disagrees, my argument is "Denmah".
    Anyway, I can't decide if I want a big single or smaller twins. The end result is to work the motor to the ragged edge. The BW Sxx turbos make great power as well. I'd say the cost is roughly the same for single/twins here as well.

    Any input is appreciated.
  19. My opinion is that twins are cool, but a single is less work to fabricate and half as much can go wrong. I was set on doing a twin setup on my car, but decided on a single for simplicity sake. I think it really is personal preference. You can get equal performance out of both setups with the correct turbos, so it just depends on how many headaches you can deal with.
  20. Yeahh... I was planning on going non-intercooled with meth, so that simplifies a lot of the fab work. But it still is a little more work than single. Tuning isnt any different, is it?