slow90coupe's NOTCH BUILD THREAD!!!

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  1. Hey guys! i have been a lurker on here for about a year now, but never thought my car was worthy of posting. I AM ONLY 14 and have done all of the work by myself thus far. but now im really starting to make some progress worth noting,so i figured i would start a build thread to try and get me more motivated to spend more money on this thing!

    Heres what the car looked like when i bought it


    Sure,it looked decent,but a car can never be nice enough!!!
    so i decided to start taking on a BIG CHALLENGE (especially since im only 14)
    my plans are to try to fund a 331 stroker for the car. i have already purchased all of my heads cam intake stuff but since im gonna be in there i might as well do it right the first time! i plan to smooth and paint the engine bay and hide the wiring harness as well.

    Heres where i am at as of now-
    AND... THE GOODIES GOING ON!!!:rockon:
    I havent recieved these yet. the pic is just representation... edelbrock performers!!!
    cleaned up the wiring harness a little...

    started cleaning the bay a little and prepping it for paint...

    Polished up 1 of the headers...

    Painted the stock sway bar to match my UPR K-member thats going in:)

    she looks soo sad sittin there all raped :(

    I pulled off the drivers a LOT of trash gets caught up inside there!
    the car must have been hit pretty hard at some point. a pretty good bit of bondo is hiding up in there
    some surface rust too and some tack welds!!!!
    oh well. this will be getting cut out and having some scott rod fab panels put in anyways.
    tucked the drivers side harness
    stripped one of my VC's. plan on fully polishing them.
    few more...
    Let me know what you guy think!!!!
  2. killer ride man!!!! your doing a great job,keep up the good work and the pics!
  3. How are you funding all this at 14?
  4. Good job, keep us updated
  5. Just as i was thinking and about to say.But good work there slow90coupe. peace

  6. Wow. Extremely impressive for your age. Keep it up!
  7. I made $100/week when I was 14...

    Either way, nice progress
  8. Great work!

    If she's been whacked hard, make sure the thrust angle is still where it needs to be.
  9. Thanks Everybody!!!
    I fund it by working for my dad at his tire shop stocking the warehouses and doing random jobs. i also detail cars as much as i can. I work on every non-school day and on saturdays. I make $20 a day. I HAVE FUNDED THE ENTIRE CAR MYSELF with the exception of the front tires. $20 a day for 3 years plus what i get for christmas and what i make by detailing really adds up quick!!!
  10. WOW. very nice project and I'm glad to see you are doing something productive and you can be proud of. Atleast your not sitting around playing video games and texting your life away. way to go and keep up the nice job :nice:
  11. i agree couldn't have put it better myself great job!!!!!!!!! extremely impressed i can tell with your work ethic you're going to be successful in life.
  12. Yeah! Way to go young blood. Everything looks great. Gald to see you are doing the work yourself. You will appreciate the car that much more. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on the progress.
  13. very impressive man, i know grown men that wouldn't even think about trying to do what you're doing. :nice:

    great looking car, keep us posted!
  14. I like those wheels. they fit the svo 5lug rotors with no mods?
  15. Thanks everybody for the kind words!!! it means a lot!
    Thanks. at first when i bought the wheels i thought i could just run a small spacer with the lincoln rotors and make them clear but after i got the rotors on they wouldnt even come close to clearing. i couldnt even come close to getting a lug nut on. so i had to get some 94 spindles, calipers, and rotors and do it right instead of cheaping out like i originally planned:D
  16. I am impressed with what you have done and like said above, you are doing things that grown men won't even try to do. Keep up the good work.
  17. awesome keep up the good work!
  18. Wow, nice work! You have managed to do in a few years what I havn't been able to do in over 10 to my car. Impressive indeed!
  19. Impressive, I also commend your efforts at your age :nice: if you need any help there are a lot of good guys on this site. Add a bump steer kit to your list with the UPR K-Member ;) you'll need it, make sure you buy the one that has the provisions for the sway bar.

    Ive polished a set of stock valve covers...Id never do it again. Way to hard to up keep and it took awhile to get them smooth enough to look good. I'd powder coat them or pick up a chrome set/
  20. Thanks everybody!
    Thanks! i have already decided that i wont polish the VC's either lol. i think ill get some fabricated aluminum ones :nice: