slow90coupe's NOTCH BUILD THREAD!!!

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  1. thanks guys!!!

    it runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we spent 8 hours solid on the car today. well, we put a new battery in, nothing happened. the engine ground wasnt on. well, we stuck that on there, hit the key, and VROOM she fired right up! we have a lot of little things left to do, and the motor is plain filthy, but its going to clean up really good. lots of ghetto rigging was done to get stuff done, but it all came together. in the next week or so i will get everything buttoned up and finished, and will be a running, DRIVING car again!!! a big thanks to Chris Ward (idk if any of you know him or not). he put in a good 16 hours on the car this weekend. well, heres the pics and a vid!!!!!
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  2. i dont think the video worked
  3. Looks good in there. There isn't a video link embedded in that picture though.
  4. too bad your hood wont fit
  5. yep. :(
    but, at least i have my cowl still laying around. guess i need to get the car painted pretty soon:D
  6. why wont the hood fit? Is it bc of the intake spacer?
  7. yep. im not even sure that the 2.5'' cowl will clear it.
  8. crap! i have a 1inch spacer on my track heat and I was hoping the stock hood would work, have you tried messing with the hood supports at the backside of the hood? How much clearance do you need? what thickness spacer do you have? Your hood should work my 2.5 cobra hood worked on mine with plenty of clearance.
  9. i have a 1" spacer. the hood supports wont really give me much clearence without having that retarded "JDM" look, but i did mess with them a little. my Kanean 2.5" will clear, but it is VERY close (less than 1/4"). but, its going to work!
  10. It Looks awsome! Great job.
  11. looks great
  12. This weekend I went down to the NMRA/NMCA race at Atlanta Dragway. While I was there, I picked up a few parts that will hopefully wake my car up and make it actually hook. A few weeks ago I tried to launch it at about 1500 RPM. All the car did was wheelhop really bad. So, I picked up some UPR upper/lower control arms to see if that helps me out. Also, I got some 24# injectors, a Pro-M 75mm Mass Air Meter, and a BBK CAI. Next on the list is some subframe connectors and 2 more Prostars for some ET Streets. By the time I get all of that stuff done, it will be time for paint!


    I also had a leaky fuel filler neck grommet. I put a new one on today.

    I have been screwing around with the body for a few weeks now. I tried my best to knock out the nightmare of a quarter panel, but couldnt get much accomplished due to the massive amounts of bondo in it. So, its time to weld in a new bottom quarter panel! luckily, the damage stops at the molding.

    and a pic of the car as of now. Hopefully it wont look so rough for too much longer!
  13. wow great progress man looks good...very impressed!!
  14. Good job! Glad to see it come together for you.
  15. Thanks guys!

    Heres what the engine bay looks like now. The BBK CAI, Maf, and 24#s really made a difference! The car also pulls much,much harder and has a better idle quality. We got the cars timing bumped up to 15 degrees too and filled her up with some 93. Needless to say, it feels like a totally different car now!



  16. Not much new stuff going on... I traded my Pro-5.0 shifter for some parts for my 89 lx, so after driving around with a stock shifter for a while, I finally broke down and got an MGW shifter. I love the way it feels compared to the old Pro-5.0. I also bought a Hurst Pistol grip handle to change things up a bit... heres some pics.


    Heres how its sitting now. I kinda like running the mismatched wheels. Also, we just bought a golf cart that matches it and my dads 68 chevelle.


    I've been working full time at my dad's tire shop this summer so there isn't much time for me to mess with the cars anymore. But, that's cool! I'm making money and planning out what kind of car I'm going to buy next...
  17. nice bro i love my mgw shifter