slow90coupe's NOTCH BUILD THREAD!!!

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  1. Looks good with those RT-S'.
  2. I liked the RT-S's, but they looked better on my 97 GT than on the coupe.

    Summit racing Sport seats. $330 shipped for the pair.
  3. That price is just what I wanted to hear haha thanks
  4. man you got some skills wish i thought like you when i was that age.
  5. Figured I would update the thread. Sold the car on June 9th.

    After 4 years, she is gone. New owners picked the car up and couldn't be happier. I feel great about it. Someone else is going to get to enjoy the car like I have. I simply lost interest in the car about 6 months ago. It has just been sitting in my garage not doing anyone any good. It was just time to pass her on to someone else. The new owner couldn't be happier and they will enjoy the car, I can already tell. He is young like me, and is fox crazy. They traveled 10 hours one way to get the car, and didn't seem to mind it at all. If you're ever in Michigan, be on the look out for it!
    Here's some pics of the car as it was being loaded up and driving away. And no, I did not cry.

  6. Hey, youngbuck! Long time no see! Did you sell all of your Mustangs to pursue the Chevelle thing, or just the one?

    How about some Chevelle pics?
  7. Actually the Chevelle got traded back to my dad after only a week. I now have my 97 GT and have been working on it a lot lately. I'm happier with it than I've ever been with any car. I absolutely love driving the car. Only car I would rather have is a really clean 03 Cobra.



  8. Really? Wow. That's a nice looking car, what makes you prefer it over the red coupe, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Thanks! I love everything about this car. The only thing that the coupe had on this car is it was faster. But I don't care about being fast anymore. The 97 has A/C, almost perfect paint and body, more comfortable interior, better gas mileage, mint torque boxes, and hasn't had the living dog :poo: ran out of it like my coupe had. The coupe had more bondo in the rear quarter and in the left front than it did metal. Plus everyone and their brother has a foxbody coupe around here. I have the only 94-98 out of my whole group of friends, so that's always nice to have something different.

    EDIT: and for some reason, this car turns heads like no other car I've ever had! I guess it's because it's black... but the coupe got a decent amount of attention. This car seems to draw the ladies a lot more too lol